Navy released plans for unmanned surface vehicles

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Navy released plans for unmanned surface vehicles

New plans for the navy to create unmanned surface vehicles have been released.

The idea is to produce a four styles of USVs, to help fight "the Global War on Terror, Irregular Warfare, and conventional campaigns." And to give guns to as many of these sea-bots as possible.

The Navy wants to develop four main classes of USVs. Three of them would be armed.

The “X-Class” is a small, non-standard class of systems capable of supporting SOF requirements and MIO missions. It provides a “low-end” Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance (ISR) capability to support manned operations and is launched from small manned craft such as the 11m Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB) or the Combat Rubber Raiding Craft (CRRC).

• The “Harbor Class” is based on the Navy Standard 7m RIB and is focused on the MS Mission, with a robust ISR capability and a mix of lethal and non-lethal armament. The “Harbor Class” USV can be supported by the majority of our
Fleet, since it will use the standard 7m interfaces.

• The “Snorkeler Class” is a ~7m semi-submersible vehicle (SSV) which supports MCM towing (search) missions, ASW (Maritime Shield) and is also capable of supporting special missions that can take advantage of its relatively stealthy

• The “Fleet Class” will be a purpose-built USV, consistent with the handling equipment and weight limitations of the current 11m RIB. Variants of the Fleet Class will support MCM Sweep, Protected Passage ASW, and “high-end” Surface
Warfare missions.

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