Why did 3000 chickens cross the road?

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Why did 3000 chickens cross the road?

Because their chicken truck crashed on the motorway. The poor fowls were on their way to be killed when their truck jack knifed and rolled.

The very busy A80 heading towards Glasgow was shut for more than eight hours as the birds were rounded up by a specialist team drafted in by police.

The lorry carrying 3,000 live chickens jack-knifed near Castlecary at around 4.30am causing feathery mayhem for motorists travelling south and north.

The southbound carriageway was shut throughout the rush-hour, causing major tailbacks, with the M80 and M876 approach roads also closed.

Central Scotland Police said the 45-year-old driver of the lorry was treated at hospital for serious, but non-life threatening, back injuries.

More pictures of the chicken carnage on the link

The crates of chickens were scattered along the side of the road causing mayhem - and long traffic jams - for many motorists

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By netchicken: posted on 15-10-2007

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