Apollo 13, hollow moon, and UFO attacks

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Apollo 13, hollow moon, and UFO attacks

This article ties all these together to conclude that UFO's exploded the oxygen tank in Apollo 13, then aided the ship to return to earth safely.

Why? Because Apollo 13 carried a small Plutonium bomb that they were going to explode on the moon to test the theory that it was hollow.

Make a good book I suppose, with an audience as gullible as those who believe the Da Vinchi code.

Interesting read.

During the Apollo 12 mission the crew was successful in setting up seismic instruments (seismometers) on the moon.

When the Apollo 12 Lunar Module was purposely crashed into the surface of the moon, it created a force equivalent to one ton of TNT explosion. The shock waves built up to a peak in eight minutes and to the surprise of the scientist at NASA, "the Moon rang like a bell for nearly an hour".

Scientists were surprised by the rapid build of in the peak and the prolonged reverberations. Nothing comparable happens when objects strike Earth. Thus many were forced with the conclusion that the moon might be hallow.

To validate this theory that the moon might indeed be hollow, NASA needed a larger seismic explosion to generate an adequate energy wave to travel the entire diameter of the moon and back to the seismometers. According to NASA documents they needed to achieve an explosion equivalent to at least 30 ton of TNT.

It was for this reason that NASA decided to use a small plutonium bomb for this purpose since this was the only available alternative they had to create such a large explosion for their experiment.

Vladimir Azhazha published a book in which he explain what really happened to Apollo 13. According to his book, UFOs used carefully directed pulse magnetic beam directed at the plutonium bomb to set of a small enough explosion onboard to cripple the command module.

Azhazha surmised that the Aliens feared that a detonation of Plutonium bomb could seriously damage the underground bases on the moon. Thus the Aliens crippled the Apollo spacecraft to prevent this from happening.


During re-entry on April 13, the crew returned to the CM and jettisoned the LM into the pacific ocean northeast of New Zealand. Inside the LM SNAP-27 generator there was 5.5lb of Plutonium-238.

Dr. Karl Grossman also states that the LM was also carrying an extra 8.3 lb of Plutonium which has not been made public but believe to have being jettisoned into the 3 1/2 mile deep Tonga Trench. NASA has continuously tested the water of this area for radiation leak.

According to independent scientist no significant amount of radiation has being recorded in these waters since 1972 yet they fear that 13.8lb of radiation inside the LM might leak and create an international disaster.

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By netchicken: posted on 28-10-2007

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