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Da Vincis Last Supper has gone online

Officials have put online an image of the "Last Supper" at 16 billion pixels 1,600 times stronger than the images taken with the typical 10 million pixel digital camera.
... Quote:
You can see how Leonardo made the cups transparent, something you can't ordinarily see. You can also note the state of degradation the painting is in.
said Artioli.


You can't deny that the person to the left of Jesus is female. Its got a female oval face and feminine posture.

The way she has her hands folded across her lap on the table looks odd as well.

ultimecena.jpg - 21.09kb
By netchicken: posted on 29-10-2007

I dont think we can deny that it was indeed a female or feminine but Da Vinci painted something out of his imagination. That is not to say this is anything close to the truth.

I think at that period ( the time of Jesus ) men and women did not dine at the same table and women usually served the men and ate after the men had finished eating so even if Magdalene had been as they claimed she wouldnt have been present at the last supper on the table would she ?
By IAF: posted on 29-10-2007

Good point.

Not that I believe anything in the Da Vinci code, but on the website they describe the person sitting to Jesus's right as John. That is really a stretch of the imagination.

... Quote:
John meek and Peter hot-tempered. These traditional attributes are reflected in some of Leonardo's physiognomic sketches in which the irascible is set face to face with the phlegmatic.

The gestures and expressions of the two Apostles are thus in keeping with their characters. John is disheartened, his hands slack on the table, his head bowed. Peter is leaning towards Christ and brandishing a knife.

Both are caught up in the same emotion, but in the choral of the "Last Supper" they (and the others) confer the timbres that combine to form the grandeur of the whole.

By netchicken: posted on 29-10-2007

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