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Downplay Christmas and embrace multiculturalism

In yet another example of self-hatred and an intense desire to destroy one's own culture so as to make all other cultures from OTHER countries happier, Great Britain's Institute for Public Policy Research think tank has suggested downplaying Christmas. The think tank put out the paper today, called,"The controversial recommendations come in a report called “The Power of Belonging: Identity, Citizenship and Community Cohesion”.

... Quote:
"The report argues that multi-cultural policies have a “fundamental value” and need to be promoted by Government and town halls. It calls for greater “even-handedness” to “provide public recognition to minority cultures and religions.”

“If we are going to continue as a nation to mark Christmas - and it would be very hard to expunge it from our national life even if we wanted to - then public organisations should mark other major religious festivals too,” the report says. The authors admit that “community cohesion and norms of citizenship and solidarity are under pressure” in modern Britain.

Yeah, that's the way to maintain a strong and proud nation, destroy its heritage, water down any cultural sense of common identity and work hard to splinter the population rather than bring new arrivals into the already existing society. Not that England even has one of those, anymore. How many generations before Christmas is totally expunged from British culture because it is an affront to Islam? Two generations, at the most?

... Quote:
But it calls on the state to “foster a sense of shared values” in response. “The state should honour and respect the diversity of cultures and identities in our society,” it says. The authors call for a purge on Christian symbolism and ritual from public life.

How stupid is that? The sate is to "honor and respect" the cultures that did NOT build a Great Britain, but remove the symbolic beginning of Christianity - the birth of Jesus Christ. This "think tank" took the same sociology course I did in college, only they are using the information to destroy a society.

... Quote:
“We can no longer define ourselves as a Christian nation, nor an especially religious one in any sense. “The Empire is gone, church attendance is at historically low levels and the Second World War is slipping inexorably from living memory.

Of course you can't call yourself a Christian Nation, moron! Your are part of the societal reengineering plot to destroy any resemblance of a "Christian Nation"; the fact that a concerted effort has been ongoing to demonize and belittle Christian values, traditions and beliefs has been successful is noticed by part of the effort isn't what I would call a neutral observation.

Sad. The whole situation is sad. No wonder so many Britains are evacuating their homeland. The idiots have taken over the nuthouse.
By Thomas_Crowne: posted on 1-11-2007

Apparently the answer to rising Islamic fundamentalism in England, is to cave in completely and turn yourself into an Islamic state before they force you to.

There was a similar article, which I just couldn't bring myself to read, where a British school wanted the teachers to dress up as Muslims, with the women wearing their burkas, for a day to see how it feels to be Islamic.

When you have no cultural patterns, festivals, and history, then you are open to take on board anyone else's beliefs that are presented with force.

Its the "Neville Chamberlain "actions of the 21st century, to pronounce "peace in our time" by totally capitulating and rejecting the evidence in front of you.

Will the British ever grow some balls and stand up for their history and society before its gone for ever?

Here we are....

... Quote:
Teachers at a primary school have been ordered to dress up as Muslims to promote multi-culturalism.

The West Midlands school is belatedly celebrating the Muslim festival of Eid and told its pupils and teachers to don traditional Muslim dress for the day.

All 257 pupils, most of whom are Christians, and 41 teachers - two of whom are Muslims - dressed up.

Teachers were told to dress as Muslims to promote diversity at a primary school

A morning assembly was held to mark the event and an afternoon party was strictly for women only, because Muslim husbands object to wives mixing with other men.

Sally Bloomer, head of Rufford primary school in Lye, West Midlands, told The Sun: "I have not heard of any complaints. It's all part of a diversity project to promote multi-culturalism."

But a relative of one of the staff reportedly said: "Who would put their job on the line? They have been told they have to embrace the day to show their diversity. But they are not all happy."
By netchicken: posted on 1-11-2007

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