Pakistanis support sharia, oppose WoT

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Pakistanis support sharia, oppose WoT

What is an "ally" if it is only the government, at very best?

There are dozens of anecdotes that indicate that the Pakistani government is an ally in words only, and in deeds ever so slightly, but the people aren't even allies in words:

... Quote:
LAHORE: Pakistanis show only weak support for using force against Islamic militants and overwhelmingly oppose allowing outside forces to combat Al Qaeda on Pakistani territory, a poll published in an article on October 31 found.

The poll concluded that just 44 percent of urban Pakistanis favoured sending the Pakistani army to the Northwestern Tribal Areas to “pursue and capture Al Qaeda fighters”. Only 48 percent would allow the Pakistan army to act against “Taliban insurgents who have crossed over from Afghanistan”. In both cases, about a third oppose such military action and a fifth decline to answer.

Foreign troops: Pakistanis reject overwhelmingly the idea of permitting foreign troops to attack Al Qaeda on Pakistani territory. Four out of five (80 percent) say their government should not allow American or other foreign troops to enter Pakistan to pursue and capture Al Qaeda fighters, the poll found. Three out of four (77 percent) oppose allowing foreign troops to attack Taliban insurgents based in Pakistan.

The results of the poll of 907 Pakistanis reveals that a majority of urban Pakistanis believe their government’s decision to attack militants holding Lal Masjid in Islamabad was a mistake.

If democracy (mob rule) were really the rule in Pakistan, it would be in existence for only one vote:

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These attitudes may also reflect Pakistani sympathy for at least some Islamist goals. A substantial 60 percent majority believes that “Sharia should play a larger role in Pakistan law” than it does now. Only 26 percent say it should play the same role (15 percent) or a smaller role (11 percent) and 15 percent do not answer.\11\01\story_1-11-2007_pg7_4
By Thomas_Crowne: posted on 2-11-2007

Pakistan- The last middle eastern country.
By IAF: posted on 2-11-2007

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