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Florida sheriff's bulletin warns of purported new human waste high

NOVEMBER 5--We're not sure what they're inhaling down in Collier County, Florida, but here's the bizarre "information bulletin" prepared by the local sheriff's intelligence bureau about a purported "new drug" favored by the kids.

It's an inhalant called "Jenkem," and causes hallucinations and a "euphoric high." Of course, as the bulletin notes, Jenkem users dislike its sewagey taste, which can last for days. That's because Jenkem's active ingredients are urine and fecal matter, hence its street names like "Butthash" and "Fruit from Crack Pipe."

We've tried to speak with the bulletin's author, Lieutenant Al Ganich, but he has not returned TSG calls. Perhaps he's realized that his "CONFIDENTIAL" September 26 report--which is authentic, according to a sheriff's official--may be itself full of shit.
By TUTUTKAMEN: posted on 7-11-2007

In the same vein here is another new drug alert ...

Kids toy removed from sale after causing highs...

A popular craft toy has been withdrawn because two preschool children needed hospital treatment after swallowing toxic beads from it.

The beads contain a chemical that when swallowed can produce the banned party drug Fantasy in the body.

One child was unconscious on arrival at the Starship children's hospital after swallowing the beads.

Ministry of Consumer Affairs spokesman Martin Rushton said last night that the importer of the Bindeez beads sets had agreed to stop supplying them. Ministry officials were working with companies in the supply chain to instigate a voluntary recall.

Mr Rushton said the ministry had acted immediately after learning from Australian counterparts of a New South Wales state ban on the award-winning children's craft toy, which consists of hundreds of the beads.

There, a 2-year-old boy and a girl aged 10 have been hospitalised in a serious condition in the past 10 days after swallowing the beads.

Made in Hong Kong, the toy's beads contain a chemical which can metabolise in the body into gamma-hydroxybutyric acid, also known as fantasy or GBH - for grievous bodily harm.

When the beads are lightly sprayed with water they can be stuck together to form patterns and pictures.

Bindeez beads won the Toy of the Year award at this year's Melbourne Toy and Hobby Fair.

In New Zealand, the Ministry of Health says one death has been attributed to taking fantasy, which was banned in 2002.

Fantasy depresses the central nervous system, and can in small doses have a relaxant effect, reduce inhibitions and cause short-term amnesia.

Higher doses lead to general anaesthesia, can stop breathing, reduce heart output and produce seizure-like activity and coma.
By netchicken: posted on 7-11-2007

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