Finland school murderer has a website - left open

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Finland school murderer has a website - left open

His files are left open with some very disturbing images.

From an article on his website
... Quote:

Event: Jokela High School Massacre.
Targets: Jokelan Lukio (High School Of Jokela), students and faculty, society, humanity, human race.
Date: 11/7/2007.
Attack Type: Mass murder, political terrorism (altough I choosed the school as target, my motives for the attack are political and much much deeper and therefore I don’t want this to be called only as “school shooting
Location: Jokela, Tuusula, Finland.
Perpetrator’s name: Pekka-Eric Auvinen (aka NaturalSelector89, Natural Selector, Sturmgeist89 and Sturmgeist). I also use pseydonym Eric von Auffoin internationally.
Weapons: Semi-automatic .22 Sig Sauer Mosquito pistol.

Seven pupils and their principal have been killed after a teenager opened fire at a school in southern Finland, hours after a video was posted on YouTube predicting a massacre there.

The gunman, who had walked through Jokela High School firing into classroom after classroom with a.22-caliber handgun, is in hospital after wounding himself in the head.

"Five boys, two girls and one adult woman were killed," police chief Matti Tohkanen told a news conference.

He later identified the woman as the principal of the school in Tuusula municipality, a town of 35,000 some 60km from Helsinki.

The YouTube video, set to a hard-driving song called "Stray Bullet", shows a still photo of a low building that appears to be Jokela High School. The photo breaks apart to reveal a red-tinted picture of a man pointing a handgun at the camera.

"He (the gunman) was moving systematically through the school hallways, knocking on the doors and shooting through the doors," said Kim Kiuru, who was teaching a grade 8 class when the shooting began.

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