Sci fi inventions that will never work

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Sci fi inventions that will never work

Cracked have a great article on Sci fi inventions, such as flying cars and Teleporters that would never work.

Some good ideas there I never realised that teleporters actually kill you and then create another you at the other end, much like a fax machine.

However the best I think is the matter replicator which would herald the end of civilization as we know it.

Actually a matter replicator is just another teleporter but without the distance, so if you get sick, you can replicate another you and kill the first one.

Why we thought we wanted it:
You're hungry, and you don't really feel like cooking or even going out to get something. Well no need to starve! This machine will replicate virtually any food that you can think of. Or, at least a series of foods that have previously been programmed into the machine.

Not just food, either. Anything. Need new batteries for your remote? Replicator. New pair of shoes? No problem. Forget your girlfriend's birthday? Punch a button on the replicator and it'll spit out a pair of flawless diamond earrings.

Why we were wrong:
Since it's just assembling molecules, presumably it would be cheaper for this thing to make you a pair of diamond earrings than a hot dog, since fewer molecules and less energy would be required. It could print perfect counterfeit money. Hell, punch a button, and it'll crank out a molecule-for-molecule replica of The Mona Lisa.

The bad news is, of course, it would eliminate your job. Your job, and all your friends' jobs, and, well, almost everyone else's. No need for farms or factories or stores.

The only people who'd still be working are doctors and the people who make replicators. Oh, wait, you can just have a huge replicator that makes replicators. Nevermind.

It's just as well, even if there were jobs, there would be no way to pay you. You could make bars of gold in your replicator. Yes, we're talking about the utter collapse of the entire basis by which every society has ever existed on the planet.

The end of everything will come on the day when anyone can make anything. Except a flying car, those will still be useless.
By netchicken: posted on 10-11-2007

Actually the matter-energy devices like transporters and replication devices have great promise. I read somewhere a while back that they were able to teleport a few photons across the room. I still think that this is a viable technological possibility.

Also if these devices do become a reality, the main commodity would be energy. Since it takes more energy to create some material than others.

Also I would think the complexity of an object would also be a constraint. Some would potentially be "non-replicable" objects. I doubt that people could create life by simply combining all the molecules together. Like the old adage goes, we are more than the sum of our parts.
By IAF: posted on 10-11-2007

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