F35 Lighting II Joint Strike Fighter helmet

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F35 Lighting II Joint Strike Fighter helmet

Something to scare the kids ...

This is the new helmet-mounted display system for the F-35 Lighting II Joint Strike Fighter.

The helmet is designed to provide pilots with binocular-wide field-of-view, give night vision abilities and scare enemy pilots at first sight. It was used for the first time last April, making the F-35 the first combat plane without a cockpit-mounted heads-up display in a very long time.

Beyond making the pilot look like a spooky insect the F-35 HDMS is loaded with all kinds of amazing goodies, like extreme off-axis targeting and head tracking "providing the pilot with unprecedented situational awareness and tactical capability."

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By netchicken: posted on 10-11-2007

I bet each one costs at least as much as a cadillac
By IAF: posted on 10-11-2007

from looking at the pilots patches hes british finaly we get a nice bit of hardware off the yanks lol seen a few youtubes flicks on the raptor very fast and very accurate its got an awsome payload i just started to read about it on wiki heres the list


1 GAU-12/U 25 mm cannon slated to be mounted internally with 180 rounds in the F-35A and fitted as an external pod with 220 rounds in the F-35B and F-35C.
Internally (current planned weapons for integration), up to six[67][68] AIM-120 AMRAAM or AIM-132 ASRAAM or two air-to-air and two air-to-ground weapons (up to two 2,000 lb weapons in A and C models; two 1,000 lb weapons in the B model) in the bomb bays. These could be AMRAAM, the Joint Direct Attack Munition (JDAM) up to 2,000 lb (910 kg), the Joint Standoff Weapon (JSOW), Small Diameter Bombs (SDB) a maximum of four in each bay, the Brimstone anti-armor missiles, Cluster Munitions (WCMD) and High Speed Anti-Radiation Missiles (HARM). The MBDA Meteor air-to-air missile is currently being adapted to fit internally in the missile spots and may be integrated into the F-35.
At the expense of being more detectable by radar, many more missiles, bombs and fuel tanks can be attached on four wing pylons and two wingtip positions. The two wingtip pylons can only carry AIM-9 Sidewinders, while the Storm Shadow and Joint Air to Surface Stand-off Missile (JASSM) cruise missiles can be carried in addition to the stores already integrated. An air-to-air load of 12 AIM-120s and two AIM-9s is conceivable using internal and external weapons stations, as well as a configuration of six two thousand pound bombs, four AIM-120s and two AIM-9s.
By $illy$teve: posted on 22-1-2008

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