Satellite weapons platform requested in budget.

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Satellite weapons platform requested in budget.

This is a logical progression from both missile technology and space advancements. A weapons platform in space however would need its own defence systems as getting deliberatly hit from another satellite, as the Chinese are working on, might disable it.

Buried in the 621-page House-Senate conference report on the Defense Department appropriations bill -- and page A19 of Monday's Washington Post, is a $100 million request to enhance space warfare.

The Pentagon plans to divert funds from an appropriation to improve submarine-launched Trident missiles to develop a "global strike" program which would allow the US to target and dispatch a "precision-guided" warhead anywhere in the world within two hours.

... Quote:
The new program, dubbed Falcon, for 'Force Application and Launch from CONUS,' centers on a small-launch-vehicle concept of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.

The agency describes Falcon as a 'a reusable Hypersonic Cruise Vehicle (HCV) capable of delivering 12,000 pounds of payload at a distance of 9,000 nautical miles from [the continental United States] in less than two hours.

veteran intelligence reporter Walter Pincus reveals in today's paper.

... Quote:
The vehicle would be launched into space on a rocket, fly on its own to a target, deliver its payload and return to Earth.

In the short term, a small launch rocket is being developed as part of Falcon. It eventually would be able to boost the hypersonic vehicle into space. But in the interim, it will be used to launch small satellites within 48 hours' notice at a cost of less than $5 million a shot.

Falcon is part of the $459 billion military bill before Congress.

Pincus says the House and Senate also added $100 million beyond Bush's request for "space situational awareness," legal jargon for protecting US satellites in space and being able to attack "the enemy's satellites."

"Enhancing these capabilities is critical, particularly following the Chinese anti-satellite-weapons demonstration last January," the House-Senate conferees wrote in thereport, referring to a January incident in which the Chinese targeted and destroyed a weather satellite in orbit.
By netchicken: posted on 14-11-2007

The US has signed a treaty and I think so have mosts UN member states not to weaponize space. IF they chinese have not signed the agreement they must be forced to sign the agreement or be shown that by doing so they are putting themselves up for a higher level of threat than just blowing up satellites.

It would be a sad and dangerous escalation of affairs if the Chinese were allowed to drag the world into weaponizing space.
By IAF: posted on 15-11-2007

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