Unfortunate grave inscriptions

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Unfortunate grave inscriptions

Unfortunate grave inscriptions, collected by Susan Darling Safford in Quaint Epitaphs (1895):

... Quote:
The little hero that lies here
Was conquered by the diarrhoea.
(Portland, Maine)
... Quote:
Accidentally shot as a mark of affection by his brother.
... Quote:
Our little Jacob has been taken away to bloom in a superior flower pot above.
... Quote:
Beneath this stone our baby lays,
He neither crys nor hollers.
He lived just one and twenty days,
And cost us forty dollars.
... Quote:
Grim death took little Jerry,
The son of Joseph and Sereno Howells,
Seven days he wrestled with the dysentery
And then he perished in his little bowels.
... Quote:
Here lies the body of Dr. Hayward,
A man who never voted.
Of such is the kingdom of Heaven.
(Wayland, Massachusetts)

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