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Another strange death - man killed in cat door

An estranged boyfriend tried to break into his partners home through the cat door and asphyxiated himself while reaching for the door lock.

St. Johns County deputies recently launched an investigation into what they called one of the strangest accidents they've ever seen when a man was found dead after getting stuck in a cat door.

Investigators said 32-year-old Charles Tucker Jr. was using the cat door early Saturday morning as a way to get back into his girlfriend's St. Augustine home after the woman kicked him out.Deputies said several hours after his girlfriend told him to leave she found him stuck in the cat door.
... Quote:
Maybe at 3 a.m., my older brother called me and told me -- he was crying -- that she had called him and she found him dead in the door,"

He's a big guy. I don't even know how he could fit through there. Probably to get in and unlock the door.

They said he had one arm through there and his head was caught in there like he was to reach up and unlock the door because there's no way he could fit through there
said Tucker's friend, Will Elliot. Elliot lives down the street from the home where Tucker was found dead.

Tucker's girlfriend called 911 when she found the 32-year-old stuck. On Tuesday, a recording of that 911 call was released:

Caller: (Crying)
911 Operator: What's going on there, ma'am?
Caller: He tried to come in ...He tried to unlock the door through the cat door because he can...he strangled himself. I can't get him out.
911 Operator: Ma'am you're going to have to slow down. I'm having a hard time understanding you. Is he hurt?
Caller: He's not breathing.
911 Operator Okay. If you want to perform CPR, I can help you.
Caller: I can't even get him out of my cat door. He's stuck.
911 Operator: He's stuck in a cat door?
Caller: Yes.
911 Operator: Okay.
Caller: I can't even get him pulled out. (crying)
911 Operator: There's no way you can get him out of there?
Caller: I tried to push him myself. I'm afraid to push the door open.

The cause of Tucker's death has not been released. Officers were awaiting autopsy results before releasing that information.

By netchicken: posted on 15-11-2007

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