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Ask Israel to apologize for being?

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United States-led international efforts to forge a peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinian Arabs may soon shift from a focus on extracting Israeli land concessions to pressuring the Jewish state to publicly apologize for its very existence.

WorldNetDaily Editor Joseph Farah recently wrote for his G2 Bulletin intelligence report that, according to his sources, Israel is about to come under intense pressure to formally apologize for what the Arab world calls "al-Nakba" - the "catastrophe" of Israel's rebirth in 1948 on what had previously been Muslim-controlled lands.

Farah notes that this type of shift in peace making policy was first broached in the August 24 issue of Science magazine when American researchers concluded that their survey of Israel and its Arab antagonists showed tangible land concessions on Israel's part would not be enough to secure peace in the region.

As evidence for their position, the researchers quoted a leading Hamas official as saying that his group would consider recognizing and negotiating with Israel if the Jewish state first apologized for coming into being.

Farah pointed out that with the Bush Administration determined to oversee a final status Israeli-Palestinian peace deal before the end of its second term, Israel may indeed soon be asked by its closest ally to beg the Arabs' pardon for its existence. That, of course, would be detrimental to Israel's efforts to convince both its own people and the world of its historical and biblical right to exist.

That most of the world hates Israel is no secret. Why wouldn't it, as most of the world is no fan of the Jews. That being, it is not a surprise that some would even demand that Israel apologize for having the audacity to exist, and do it on the given to the Jews by the G-d of Abraham - on the land that, while it has been captured and recaptured by different empires, never gave up a continuous presence there.
What might be surprising to some is that Israel's staunchest ally, the U.S., might be leading the way in asking that Israel apologize for existing. This probably isn't flabbergasting to the Israelis, though. They are probably used to stupid American presidents trying to force "peace" in the Mideast so that it would be their most memorable legacy. Bush is no diffferent. Considering that he has demonstrated his ignorance of Islam many times in the past, why would it be surprising that he would not understand that such an admission of guilt would further paint Israel in a corner and give Israel's regional enemies a moral justification to wipe her off the map - as if they need any prompting to try.

It is truly amazing how stupid people can be, especially when they are demanding the demise of someone else.
By Thomas_Crowne: posted on 20-11-2007

Thats insane.

Hamas would feel betterif Israel apologised for existing. Yeah right.

They would turn it into another propaganda tool to justify their attacks. You can imagine their stance "Even Israel admits it shouldn't exist ad has oppressed the Palastinians"
By netchicken: posted on 22-11-2007

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