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Mideast Peace Conference in Annapolis Upon Us

It seems to be an American tradition. When a president nears the end of his presidency he tries to force peace in the Mideast. Can you imagine the legacy that would be, to be the U.S. president who brokered a lasting peace between Israel and all those nations that want to destroy her? To be the one who orchestrated the creation of a separate state for those Arabs who call themselves Palestinians?

Bill Clinton was the dreamer the last time. Arafat and Ehud Barak were the participants of the fiasco. Barak was being pressured to make real concessions while Arafat was being asked to make promises that amounted to nothing. A last moment hail mary pass by Barak caused everyone to gasp in astonishment. He has agreed to everything the Arabs could ever have wanted except, for two things - that Israel kill herself by all the Jews swimming out to sea voluntarily, or that Israel commit suicide by allowing entry to all those who left Israel to sideline themselves from the Arab attempt to destroy Israel and all the children and children of children since.

When everyone reawakened, they were stunned. The world couldn't believe it. I thought Barak had left his brain back in Tel Aviv. Even Saudi Arabia's Prince Bandar told Arafat that he'd never get a better deal and that if he let this slip by he'd next be dealing with Ariel Sharon. Sharon would not be offering anything that close to suicide. Arafat turned it down, stating he would not foresake those who long for the homes they left behind. Right afterward the Second Intifada began. Innocent Israelies were blown to bits, injured and maimed the many months following Clinton's attempt at historic fame.

Here we go again. Bush is soon to be out of office. If there was ever a president in need of a crowning achievement to give the historians cause to be kind to him, this would be that president. Condi Rice has beem spending more time in Israel than she has anywhere else, and one can only imagine what she is trying to impress upon the Israeli government. Last week it was even floated that it would be good if Israel would apologize for is mere existence!

It is thought that this conference is going to have 40 nations participating in the get together. Today (25 November), Syria has announced that it will attend and will be sending its deputy foreign minister to represent. This, a nation that was building a site for the alleged creation of nuclear weapons and facilitates Hezbollah, attending a "peace conference". Still, at least there is no confusion as to where Syria stands when it comes to the existence of Israel.

What about the "moderate" Arabic nations? Where are we supposed to believe they stand? Bahrain, an alleged "moderate" Arab state, was in an uproar recently when Foreign Minister Shaikh Khalid bin Ahmed Al Khalifa shook hands with Israeli foreign minister Tzipi Livni and the parliament went nuts over it. They demanded that Al Khalifa wash and purify his hand after touching the Jewish woman. That's Arab moderation in action?

The White House has spent the last few months pressuring Arab attendance, and, it has managed to secure this. There will be a strong Arab delegation. Bush even managed to get Saudi foreign minster Saud al-Faisal, lthough he has made it very clear that there'll be no hand shaking with the Israelis. As a matter of fact, the entire delegation has made it clear that there is no desire to give an indication that there is anything remotely resembling normalization with Israel. The Arabs intend to use their collective muscle to force Israel to make concessions, mainly, to return back to their 1967 borders and give up territory gained from fighting defensive wars. That is to say, the losers want to make demands upon the victors. Also, they want to be there to make sure that Abu Mazen (called Mahmoud Abbas in the West) makes no silly agreements that could harm the overall goal of the Arab world. That is to say, anyone who believes this has a thing to do with peace between the Jews and the "Palestinians" are smoking left-handed Lucky Strikes.

So, who do the Israelis have in their corner? The U.S.? I'd like to think so, but I would not be banking on that if I were Olmert. Bush wants a peace accord. He needs a peace accord. He's willing to believe those very same people who caused this mess to begin with and who demand that Israel make all the concessions so that they can begrudgingly accept them. Nevermind that what they say in Arabic does not match the peaceful words the say in English.

Meanwhile, Iran is making its desdain for the conference very clear, Hezbollah is rearmed to the teeth and Hamas stated that it is prepared to begin attacks on Israel anew if the peace conference goes forward.

Again, an American president wants a crowning achievement, and, again, it is the people of Israel who will pay the price for its failure - and probably if it is a success.
By Thomas_Crowne: posted on 26-11-2007

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