Hamas to U.N.: Rescind decision creating Israel

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Hamas to U.N.: Rescind decision creating Israel

Hamas, not being an organization of dedicated historians or retainers of truth, stated that all of Palestine is Arab and that there is no room for Jews. They say this is the fact even with the city of David, Jerusalem.
Yet the world doesn't speak out against Hamas. Sure, the world will cry "foul!" when Israel defends her citizens but Hamas is given a pass on every violent word or deed.

Here, Shimon Perez remembers the day Israel declared itself a nation among the rest of the world and the was accepted:

... Quote:
"I was next to [Israel's first prime minister, David] Ben-Gurion. That night, when all the streets were filled with dancing and rejoicing, he said that tomorrow there would be bloodshed. I wasn't sure he was right… but he was in a very grave mood."

Peres recounted how a few months later, Ben-Gurion had presented a list of Israel's meager weapons supply - only five million bullets that would last five days of fighting.

"After the terrible Holocaust, there remained only a few thousand Jews who came out of the camps weighing 30-40 kilograms. We had to set up a state, and there was no other choice… Ben-Gurion stood at the edge of the abyss. He decided to take a chance - and he was right."

By Thomas_Crowne: posted on 30-11-2007

I wonder if making a fuss only advertises Hamas's goals even more

Although what they say is insane, by ignoring them it reduces their media profile and prevents them being taken seriously.
By netchicken: posted on 30-11-2007

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