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Astronomer photos of unexpected space objects

This astronomer has taken photos of strange space objects and posts them on a video.



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F.A.S.T. Far Above Space and Time An Introduction Into the New Possibilities in a World with an Infinate Mind Created Universe. Are We Alone?

Are the people of this world really ready for the most mind altering disclosure regarding large objects or even life which may not be from this planet? Can humanity really handle the truth at this stage of their evolution? What are these objects? What does this mean for the future of mankind in general?
By netchicken: posted on 4-12-2007

Rense has picked up on this site as well, with an interesting article on the findings of the astronomer

Unknown objects found in orbit

unnknown3.jpg - 19.92kb
By netchicken: posted on 19-12-2007

Rense has another updated page on the strange objects found in space.

Not sure where they are going with this, instead of some UFO hype, it seems they are talking about actual man made space objects that are uncatalogued.

Why are others not pointing their telescopes at these near earth objects?

An interesting developing study.

After dozens of hours of videotaping bright lights in the night sky with a camcorder only, Mr. Walson has come to the conclusion these 'stars' are, in many cases, the same large spacecraft he has been capturing through his modified telescope.

These bright star-like lights are at high altitude, or in orbit, and appear as 'orbs' when captured by a regular camcorder at full zoom without his telescope because they are beyond the optical resolution capabilities of a normal camcorder which sees them as round 'orbs.'

The footage which follows shows a number of these orb-shaped lights as videotaped from the ground without the use of a telescope. You will also see footage taken through John's (modified) telescope which shows what these bright 'star-like' lights really are: large machines in space.

pic2blow.jpg - 18.29kb
By netchicken: posted on 3-1-2008

Last summer I could have sworn I saw an extra little star trailing ISS while the STS was docked on two consecutive orbits... I took a pic with my little Nikon digital… what a joke. It didn't appear to be a water dump as I actually saw one of those by accident with my Dad when was about 12. Impressive sprays all sparkly and lit up underneath from the West as night fell. This was solid, sort of amber like ISS and smaller.

I not sure but it does not seemed farfetched at all that there may be items in orbit of unannounced origins. I would have thought a polar orbit would be ideal but an equatorial orbit makes sense too. Who knows about non-LEO though too?

I wondered what kind of telescope might be used to better document the phenomenon after reading the OP here… the problems being two (maybe more things beside expense) programming the tracking ephemeris of suspected "data points", and that one telescope doesn't afford that many opportunities with one user. Conceivably one could get lucky... the opposite is equally true.

It is almost possible to imagine an enthusiast driven network at some point. I looked for some telescopes that I thought could nail the problem. It's an expensive solution, but not NASA-MIC crazy (approx. $15K USD).

Each opportunity would involve a trek out of the city for me… not always fun with 100 pounds of gear (the 8” telescope I’m looking at weighs 61 pounds). I have also thought that a remote via VNC or the like over the internet at a friend’s somewhere out of the light pollution to mind it would be good too.

For any who might want to have a look at telescopes a PDF link to and their ’07 catalogue. I like the one on page 27… I think the 8” would be good enough for altitudes of about 220 miles, I’m not exactly sure because I never looked until I read this but I’m going to visit the a local science shop and see what he possibilities are.

By AccessGranted: posted on 7-1-2008

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