The death of Johannesburg

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The death of Johannesburg

Facinating blog showing the destruction of Johannesburg in South Africa.

... Quote:
It is however, very dangerous to go and take pictures in the jungle of Johannesburg, as I need two armed people to come with me: one to look after the car, and another to protect me while I am distracted with the camera.

By netchicken: posted on 6-12-2007

I don't know if fascinating is the word I'd use.

Sad, that is more like the word.

It is sad that there are people who are vindicated by what is happening and the truth is not being told.

Where are all those communist-supporting Hollywood liberals, now?

South Africa is going the way of Rhodesia and all the communists are totally unconcerned with the outcome; all the suffering in the world is worth it as long as the evil White Man is defeated. As long as it doesn't cost the Hollywood communist elitists.

Are these people better off?
By Thomas_Crowne: posted on 6-12-2007

Well whitey was very bad in South Africa. He enslaved its people and treated the domestic populace as second rate citizens in a land where the whitey was the "illegal immigrant". What do you expect ? This is what happens when a nation is subjugated and then set free. It will crumble to dust and have to rebuild itself from the ashes. There is no point in saying that this is the black peoples fault. They would rather live in poverty than live as slaves, something we all should be able to comprehend. To answer the question, are these people better off ? I would yes, no doubt about it. They might not have structure, order or even food now but at least they are not second class citizens. I'm sure every african there would tell you the same thing. The surprising thing is that there are still so many white people left there.

If you take other countries which overthrew their white masters, like India, pakistan and bangladesh etc. The entire white population was removed or left as soon as those nations became free. Initially there might have been strife and conflict in those nations as well. Eventually, South Africa and other states like it will stumble out of the rubble and rebuild themselves in their ideas. We just have to give them time.
By IAF: posted on 6-12-2007

Missing the point, Whitey.

As is with so much, it isn't what needs to be done but how it is to be done.

The issue is how it was done and how all the bleeding hearts are long gone now that Whitey has been put down.

I don't believe that I said a thing about blaming the "Black"; it isn't I that seems to make an issue of such things. It is the all-compassionate Hollywood types that do that. They make an issue of such things, come to the continent to birth one of their kids, adopt others as fashion statements like the little purse dogs of a few years ago and then feel all warm and fuzzy about themselves because they "care".

There is no example for you to hold up in regard to any of the former African colonies rebuilding out of the ashes. That sounds all glamorous and all, but it doesn't happen. They've never "built", so they can't "rebuild".

As far as what you are sure the Africans would tell me, please, don't put words in the mouths of people who no longer have the food they'd rather have in their mouths. Especially when you ignore what the new communist government of South Africa has done and not done for the people, and what the government has done to people who dissent. That government will lead the people of South Africa to the same level the government of Zimbabwe has for its own people. Those people might be wishing they were still Rhodesians right about now.
By Thomas_Crowne: posted on 6-12-2007

Morbidly fascinating pictoral blog about how the fate of Johannesburg in such a short time under African dominance. The same story holds for American political entities where the dominant population is black.....inevitable decline, crime and economic meltdown. What is it about black culture that makes it plainly incompatable with civilization in the Western tradition????? I weep for SA and the USA.
By chas: posted on 29-3-2009

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