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Driving in Siberia

Mud mud glorious mud!. I read in a travel book that the best time to visit Siberia is during the winter. Why? Because the roads are frozen solid and able to be easily used.

Here is what they look like in the other three seasons.

It looks like everywhere is "offroad" driving, to such an extent they have land ferries (below) to take cars across the worst parts of the roads.

More photos on the link

russian-land-ferry.jpg - 40.55kb
By netchicken: posted on 7-12-2007

Hey, I remember seeing this is that Ewan McGregor thing on Discovery. It was called "long way round". Most excellent show!

Yeah, Siberia has bad roads. Not to mention that if you get on the road and are stuck there is no help of many hundreds of miles. not to forget getting killed by the wildlife as the road travels through the Siberian forest.

Another interesting thing I learnt from the show was that the main road that travels through Siberia from East to West was actually built by thousands of prisoners from the Siberian gulags. The road was built without any machinery and thousands of there prisoners died making this road.
By IAF: posted on 7-12-2007

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