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The Holy Land Foundation Trial Farce

You might recall that the Holy Land Foundation trial did not go as many of us wanted it to go. A group of islamists with known terrorist ties, raising money for terror organizations, based out of Texas, the HLF needed to be shut down and the islamists tossed in jail.

The shutting down part was completed, but the canning of the HLF organizers didn't quite pan out.

This is an interesting piece to read. A definite look at how islamists view our system.

... Quote:
DALLAS – She felt the men were guilty and tried to explain why to the 11 other jurors. When she finished, one juror spoke up in an angry tone.

"If you're going by the evidence in this room," she recalls him snapping, "then you need to go home."

The terrorism-support trial of five Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development (HLF) officials, which began July 24, already had been stressful for 49-year-old Kristina Williams. She had lost her job two weeks into it. Now during deliberations, she felt bullied and intimidated virtually every time she voiced an opinion.

"When I'd get off the jury I'd come home every night and basically cry because I felt like every time I spoke I would get knocked down, criticized, one way or the other for something pertaining to the way I voted," Williams said in an exclusive interview.

Threats, duress and intimidation. This is something I expect should be getting people in front of juries, not happening in the juries.

This one juror, William Neal, made a point to intimidate and bully other jurors. Why? The investigative reporters interviewed him for this article as well as this other juror. Here is a portion of his thoughts in regard to the other jurors:

Neal made his disdain clear two days after the mistrial in an interview on Dallas radio station KRLD.

... Quote:
"A lot of the jurors couldn't even say words that had four syllables," Neal said on the Ernie and Jay show on KRLD 1080 AM. "They just picked the jury based on socio-economical reasons. A lot of these people are blue collar, you know, working UPS, working food, cafeteria cashier. You had people [from] secluded lifestyles. They had no idea of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. They had no idea about worldly affairs. To get them and you show them bombs and show them kids – that's not our lifestyle so we've got to vote them guilty because of that. That's the whole reason."

So, this guy sees himself as the only enlightened member, the only one who could really understand what was at stake. So, let's take a quick look at his worldy thoughts:

... Quote:
The Dallas Morning News noted Neal "also had difficulty calling Hamas a terrorist group. ‘Part of it does terrorist acts, but it's a political movement. It's an uprising.'"

He reinforced that assessment in the IPT interview, saying he read the Hamas charter twice during deliberations. "They haven't always been a bombing kind of group," he said.

Hamas' first actions involved shootings and stabbings. Its preamble to the charter includes this: "Israel will exist and will continue to exist until Islam will obliterate it, just as it obliterated others before it."

So, to Neal, what is Hamas?

"It is marked as a terrorist organization. My personal viewpoint, I didn't know too much before. I see it as a political struggle. Our country was founded on a terrorist act. The Boston Tea Party wasn't a tea party, dude. It was a rebellion against the king's wrath. They fought back against an oppressive government."

He argues that prosecutors never proved that Palestinian charities, the zakat committees, were controlled by Hamas. HLF routed its money to the committees. Absent that proof of Hamas control, Neal reasons, the defendants can't be convicted. Within hours of the mistrial, he told reporters the government's case "was strung together with macaroni noodles."

I'm telling you, this article is a must-read. It is disheartening to see the system being bum-rushed. It is sad to see that we are so feeble-minded and weak that we call ourselves "at War on Terror" while allowing our sworn enemies subvert of judicial system in order to insure those who would have been shot as spies in a previous war walk scot-free in this war.

If nothing else, this shows why mixing a civil court setting with what is supposed to be a war footing is societal suicide.

Read this entire article and compare the information with how the enemy would handle it if roles were reversed.
By Thomas_Crowne: posted on 11-12-2007

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