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Paul Maria Hafner SS officer, living the life in Spain

He eats a healthy diet, works out every day, plays chess and is an outstanding member of his Spanish community. At 84, he is in the health and fitness that all people of 84 would want.

This health is only the health of the body, though. His soul is corrupt and his spirit is that of evil.

Herr Hafner was an SS officer, one who was dedicated to his job and was a loyal fan of Hitler.

... Quote:
At 84, Hafner has been living in Spain for over half a century. He boasts about his health, his lifestyle, his routine, but most of all about the glory days, referring several times to Hitler as "the greatest figure in history." He can only dream of living to see a Fourth Reich.

After WWII, Hafner found asylum in Franco's Spain, protected from allegations and surrounded by like-minded individuals. This is why Spain is "paradise on earth" for the man. It's a place that allows him to continue to nurture his fanaticism, and yet protects him from the scrutiny of international justice. Between his banal conversations with Schwaiger about pig farming and yogurt-making, he insists that the Jews were sent to Auschwitz for their "own protection." It was a "10-star hotel," he says, compared to life in German cities where civilians lived under the constant threat of Allied bombs.

I took a tour of Dachau when I was stationed in Germany. It seemed so strange, a place of horror nestled in such an area of beauty. When I entered Dachau I was a 25 year old soldier who was as solid as a rock, but I left as a human with a broken heart, the mere thought of innocent men, women and children suffering such horrors at the hands of such merciless and cruel "humans" bringing me to my emotional knees. To read the Diary of Anne Frank as a child made me wonder about my fellow man, the trip to Dachau caused me to wonder no longer.
Here is this creature's encounter with a survivor of Dachau:

... Quote:
This painful scene is one you wish would end before it even begins. The Jewish victim shares his experiences with one of his torturers. He must look him in the face, see his lack of remorse, his ugly denial, and moreover the freedom which he enjoys. Worst of all, he must walk away from the experience having achieved nothing in moving this man to pathos. "You survived quite well," Hafner responds matter-of-fact after the survivor unloads his painful baggage. "I'm not complaining," the survivor says. "I was lucky."

This movie is about a man who served Hitler and believe STILL in Hitler's cause.
HAFNER'S PARADISE is a movie about a monster. A monster who is living very comfortably in Spain.

Justice might be not always coming on this side of death, but his justice is waiting for him right after the last beat of his ugly heart.

I doubt I'll watch the movie. I don't watch movies nowadays, and I don't want to watch one that will incite me to rage.
By Thomas_Crowne: posted on 11-12-2007

Great article!

Amazing after all this time he hasn't been picked up or caught a bullet.

Also amazing that the hasn't become a posterboy for the neo Nazis.

Here is a then and now photo of the man....

paul-maria-hafner.jpg - 10.39kb
By netchicken: posted on 11-12-2007

The picture of him in the water, it reminds me of how the prisoners were used as lab rats, to see how the body responds to extremes in temperatures and pressures. This was done to better prepare pilots for high altitudes or long times in cold water after being shot down.

As far as things like tying the legs of pregmant Jewish women closed so that they would labor to death, that was not for any sort of learning, that was simply for demonic entertainment.
By Thomas_Crowne: posted on 12-12-2007

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