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Matt Cutts 3 steps to making a good site

Web Guru Matt Cutts gives a simple 3 steps to making a compelling site.

Personally I wouldn't agree with the blog idea, it has major built in limitations. But I do agree that Wordpress is the best of them.

Step #1: Make a Compelling Service
If you’re trying to sell junk you’re going to have a much harder time. So spend the time, and the thing is you can start up a website really for a lot less money than you could even five or six years ago.

Step #2: Start a Blog
Seriously, blogs are one of the easiest ways to get links, engage in conversation, if people badmouth you on the web you can… defend yourself or badmouth them right back, depending on what your personality is like.

Step #3: Smart Marketing
Step number three is smart marketing and that can involve good SEO. If you do everything on WordPress you’re pretty much automatically covered as far as SEO, but you want to make sure things are crawlable.

But the other aspect of marketing is having something interesting to say. So for example, valleywag, which is a Silicon Valley rumor sort of site, started out with a really juicy piece of gossip claiming that one person at a big company was dating another person at a big company. I’m not going to name them but they work at Google.

Um, and that helped propel that site up to a really big consciousness. So if I were doing, I don’t know, rumors about you know companies, or something like that, I would open it up to the public, but I would also try to do some investigating reporting, and get some really juicy tidbits or some really good scoops, because it’s not just controversy, it’s controversy backed by interesting facts.

And then I would think about broadening my scope a little bit. Start out with one or two companies that people are really interested in. Apple or Google or Yahoo or whoever.

Dig down deep but also be open to new approaches.

For example, what if you were to open up gossip and rumors about universities? Kids love to talk, right? People who are 20 years old will talk about all kinds of rumors about the university administration, other people on the university, classes, stuff like that. So looking for those kinds of niches in related areas can really help boost the buzz, boost the links, and boost the visibility to your website.

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By netchicken: posted on 11-12-2007

Ok, I am going to go and get that for-dummies book on wordpress and learn it.
After ward I am going to get back into doing something with

that there is a dummies book means I am not using it to its fullest! :sp
By Thomas_Crowne: posted on 11-12-2007

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