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Railroad snow plow trains in heavy snow - videos

This is something I had never seen before a snow plow train. Its interesting to see that the huge power of the train is still unable to stop it from getting stuck.

I wonder what they would do next?
Dig it out?

Looking down the track it seems that the snow was that deep for a long distance. I guess they need a bigger engine. :)

Was that a turbine engine? It sounded like a jet engine.

This site has a commentary on the video http://www.dropshots.com/ge...

Here's another railroad snow plow. Its an impressive sight up close.

And a third

The snow wave is big enough to go over that telephone pole.

snowplow-train.jpg - 3.94kb
By netchicken: posted on 15-12-2007

yes this is rare to see because the tains are not timed and dont stop unless they need fuel or to swich out drivers. And on the one where the train gets stuck, the reason the engine sounded like a jet engine was because the metal wheels where sliding on the metal track. And you can do 1 of 2 tings. You could dig it out(they might of did) or you can call for 2 or 3 more engines and hook them all together and pull it out but then they would use all of the engines to try to go through all that snow
By shanetankdolan: posted on 4-1-2008

You could dig it out and latch on with several power units and tow it backward and try and clear the snow again...

Or you could sneak up on it from the other direction with a rail snow blower. I've never seen one personally but they are used in the mountains of British Columbia when my Dad was young. I've seen some old photos that are really spectacular with snow being launched a long, long way and high. The photo looked like the locomotive was completely in a trough as high or higher than it was.

I've never seen a plow like the one on the diesel-electric in the video. That was uber-impressive!

Here's a historic rail site that kept a list of the remaining rotary plows in North America up until 1998 by Andrew Toppan and picture of an older retired one in BC.



By AccessGranted: posted on 7-1-2008

Wow thats some rotary fan!

I guess the brute power of modern locos obviate the need for rotary systems, it would be neat to see running. I imagine it would be slower at clearing the snow than the plow system.
By netchicken: posted on 7-1-2008

Much slower I would think than edge plows... some of the quotes I've seen are that these old 12 foot swath rotaries were 3000HP and spun at 150RPM. Some eye candy!

Source: NE Railfan

Source: NE Railfan

EDIT: To append non-working link. http://www.hazegray.org/rai...
Source: hazegray.org

It would seem that jet-melters and blowers are now the norm when a plow won't cut it... there are still a few rotary plows

A large steam rotary chews big snow - circa 1910

Source: Collections Canada, a federal government of Canada heritage site.

I'm still looking for a picture similar to one I saw years ago... it was B+W and the head-end of the rotary was a good as buried and snow was flying hundreds of feet... it was in a rock cut and the snow was basically a trench taller than the locomotive.

Oh, and just for fun Collections Canada (a federally funded heritage site) has some nifty UFO links!!!!

A URL for a search that I did that leads to some official government documents... I will look more later. RG-77 (Records Group 77) and some others are of interest.

http://search-recherche.collectionscanada.ca/fed/searchResults.jsp?SourceQuery=&ResultCount=5&PageNum=1&MaxDocs=-1&SortSpec=score+de sc&Language=eng&Sources=amicus&Sources=mikan&Sources=web&QueryText=UFO

By AccessGranted: posted on 8-1-2008

The Rotary Snow Plow. See how this snow clearing beast clears the tracks from snow and ice in the Winter over Donner Pass. This promo is a preview for what is to come in a 1+ hour documentary program on DVD from BA Productions

rotary-snow-plow.jpg - 7.03kb
By netchicken: posted on 4-1-2011

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