Man has some sort of panic attack on plane - video

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Man has some sort of panic attack on plane - video

Keeps thnking people are going to kill him. (I bet the other passengers wish someone did) Either that or he is being deported and doesn't want to go.

You have to admire the people around him the way they tried to keep him calm.

Just shows how one person can be so dangerous in such a confined and fragile environment. Looks like they tried to cuff him, but it didn't work. Obvoulsy something happened prior to this to wind him up because of the cuffs.

From the youtube submitter ...
... Quote:
I don't know what happened here. But this happened on my Air Canada plane ride to London, England in December 6th, 2007 from Toronto.

At 3:15 sec he says "f'in white people". I personally believe that another passenger somehow provoked or encouraged this persons paranoid behaviour.

What is important is that everybody arrived safely.

I am no medical doctor so I have no idea what this man was going through, but I feel that he seemed more concerned for his own safety? I think he was scared. I think it's a very fascinating phenomenon.

My partner and I decided we should videotape this in the interest of sharing the experience we went through on this plane with those interested

Police came and arrested the individual, but they were non violent and they listened to him. I had to leave so I didn't see the police officer put cuffs on him, but I did catch a glimse of him taking out the cuffs from his chest pocket just before I had to leave the plane.

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By netchicken: posted on 15-12-2007

Here is an inrteresting comment on the situation

This fellow appears to already have nylon “flex-cuffs” (wrist restraints) on, when this episode started.

Given the dress and demeanor / actions of the two men sitting to each side of him in the center section of the aircraft, I deduce he was being deported / removed from Canada to the UK, and thence onwards to his country of origin.

The individuals sitting to each side behaved with the restraint they did because they were likely professional law enforcement officers from the Government of Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) assigned to escort the deportee from Canada. This is commonly done in both the U.S. and Canada, as well as from most western countries. Had the fellows sitting to either side been mere civilians, they likely would have left their seats promptly, and left this fellow to the crew to handle, according to international civil aviation protocols for handling in-flight disruptions.

The fellow in the middle clearly and simply just does not want to leave Canada to go wherever they were removing him to. He is not necessarily mentally ill - just highly anxious, agitated, and acting out as a last-ditch effort to get the plane to divert to a Canadian airfield when he would be incarcerated.

Under these circumstances, sedation is not indicated, and might do more harm than good, unless the officers involved:
(a) knew this fellows medical history, and
(b) had been provided an appropriate sedative on a case-by-case basis - just in case.

Also, his appearance, body language, and speech pattern identifies him as being from India, or possibly Bangladesh, or maybe Pakistan. This writer is a retired U.S. Immigration Officer and is fully familiar with this operating procedure.
By netchicken: posted on 15-12-2007

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