Religious tensions in Egypt worsening

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Religious tensions in Egypt worsening

The Coptic Christians in Egypt have understood the concept of dhimmitude for as long as they can remember. Even the rumor that a coptic has raised his voice to a Muslim or has talked to one about Christianity can bring violence on them.
They have been growing weary of this treatment recently, but I fear all will happen is that they will find even more death brought to them.

... Quote:
Angry Muslims attack shops owned by Christians amid sectarian tensions in Egypt

CAIRO, Egypt - Angry Muslims attacked and destroyed shops owned by Coptic Christians today in southern Egypt.

A police official says the attackers hurled stones and set fire to several shops, smashed windows of a church and damaged two cars in the early morning hours.

Police detained 15 people suspected of taking part in the attacks in the town of Isna, located about 560 kilometres south of Cairo.

The riots followed reports that two Coptic Christians pulled down the veil of a Muslim woman in a car park on Saturday evening.

Muslim-Coptic tensions are commonplace in southern Egypt, mostly over land or church construction disputes.

Coptic Christians make up an estimated 10 per cent of Egypt's 76.5 million people and generally live in peace with the Muslim majority.
By Thomas_Crowne: posted on 24-12-2007

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