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bin laden threatens Israel

Osama bin Laden released a new audiotape on 29 Dec. 2007, in which he has vowed to fight Israel and remove the Jews from Palestine.

"We intend to liberate Palestine, the whole of Palestine from the (Jordan) river to the sea."
"We will not recognize even one inch for Jews in the land of Palestine as other Muslim leaders have."

He even promise "blood for blood and destruction for destruction." Why would bin Laden bother making such a statement? Does he know something that most Westerners do not? What is it that the average person is not seeing?

Al Qaeda is moving into Gaza, that's what. Remember when Steve Centanni, a Fox News reporter, and his photographer were kidnapped in Gaza last year? The kidnapping was carried out by an al Qaeda franchise. Hamas and Fatah both worked to get them released - not because they are humanitarian organizations or have any love of infidel life, but because had Steve and Olaf been killed the West in general and the U.S. in specific would have had a decidedly darker view of all of the Arab-Palestinian elected parties.

Militants have managed to make their way into and out of the Gaza strip since the Israeli withdrawal from Gaza. Hamas personnel have been captured by Israel, returning from al Qaeda training camps, and as of last month al Qaeda has indicated that it will be taking part in attacks on Israel.

It can be safely assumed that by mentioning "Palestine" and making such strong statements in regard to Jews living in their ancestral home, the battle waged by al Qaeda is going to shift toward Israel. It might not make much sense to some; al Qaeda is being routed by American and Iraqi forces in Iraq, with the assistance of tribes sick of the al Qaeda style violence so why would it want to open another front? Simple. Everyone agrees when it comes to demonizing Israel and the Jews. Why, Hezbollah is not even labeled as a terrorist organization even though its reason for creation is to bring an Iranian proxy war to Israel and was the instrument used to slaughter 85 and wound over 200 in Buenos Aires in 1994. Most all of the Muslim world can agree on the need to relieve the Middle East of the notion of self-governing Jews and a Jewish state. In that regard, it is good politics that bin Laden would shift focus on Israel. This will curry favor from quarters that otherwise might be growing wery of the trouble he brings.

How is the West going to handle this political and diplomatic problem, considering that the Palestinian terror issue has always been ignored as a quarrel between Israel and the alleged "victims", the Arab-Palestinians? Is Gaza going to be a safe haven for bin Laden, a place where Weterners dare not tread for fear of looking mean, rotten and nasty like the Israelis? Are they going to face the facts that their UNRWA "refugee" camps amount to nothingmore than political pawns for those who wish to destroy the only functioning democracy in the Middle East, not to mention breeding grounds for future terrorists? Are they going to finally admit that the Arab "refugees" shouldl finally join the human race and become civilized people? Or, are they going to do the cowardly thing and leave al Qaeda in Gaza for the Israelis to face alone, just like she have been having to face constant terrorism and aggressive neighbors ever since her birth.

Bin LAden has had a habit of giving us a clue of his future plans. He warned us of the attacks in 2001 but we arrogantly ignored him. Now, he warns us again. I wonder if we are going to close ranks and prepare?
By Thomas_Crowne: posted on 30-12-2007

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