How to dismantle a bridge

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How to dismantle a bridge

Really interesting video showing how a huge bridge was dismantled. THe question is why? It looked a perfectly good bridge.

America can be amazing some times.... they lowered each 1.4 million pound section onto barges with cables. They must have been some cables!

bridge-removed.jpg - 10.76kb
By netchicken: posted on 11-1-2008

You think America can be amazing sometimes because of that

You should come over here and try the Meatlover's Skillet at a chain restaurant called Denny's!

Meat Lover's Skillet
Plenty of dice ham, bacon and sausage, served hot over a mound of seasoned country fried potatoes. Topped with two eggs, any style, and grated cheese.

It'll make you slap yo mama, and much easier than replacing a bridge section.

I gotta run. I am in need of breakfast to the point that I think it is effecting my thought process.
By Thomas_Crowne: posted on 12-1-2008

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