Attack cat terrorises postmen

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Attack cat terrorises postmen

The perils of being a postman.
TERRIFIED postmen are refusing to deliver mail to a house because they are scared of a dangerous CAT. They say their hands are being ripped to shreds by ginger tom Bat as they shove post through the cat flap. The posties also claim the six-year-old moggie claws their legs with vicious swipes.

Now bosses have sent owner Dan Coyne a letter saying deliveries are suspended because of the guard cat.

Stunned Dan, 23, said last night: I can't believe they are scared of him.

But the sales manager did admit: Bat is a bit of a psycho and has been known to launch himself at people. He gets very wound up by the postman and sits under the cat flap waiting for him.

As the postie pushes the letters through, I've seen Bat try to swipe him with his claws.

He was a rescue cat and is only little but he does get stroppy.

Dan, of Cranbrook, Kent has been told to collect his own post until he takes action to control Bat.

The Royal Mail letter said:
... Quote:
The postmen are experiencing problems with your Guard Cat. Sounds ridiculous I know, but as they deliver through the flap the cat scratches them. More incredible than this, your cat has been known to jump on the postmens leg and dig its claws in.

Dan said he has a letter box, but posties used the flap because it was easier. He added: If they are that scared they should use the box. It is ridiculous.

The Royal Mail said: Staff safety is paramount. We are discussing the possibility of a box on the gate.

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By netchicken: posted on 11-5-2004

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