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Hamas leader's son killed!

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GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip Israeli tanks and helicopters raided Gaza in pursuit of rocket squads Tuesday, killing the son of the territory's most powerful leader and 16 other Palestinians in the bloodiest day of fighting since Islamic Hamas militants overran the coastal area in June.

Palestinian sniper fire across the border killed a 19-year-old volunteer from Ecuador at an Israeli communal farm.

That death and the killing of Hussam Zahar, 24, the militant son of hardline Hamas leader Mahmoud Zahar, threatened to fuel the violence at a time when Israel and moderate Palestinians in the West Bank are trying to move peacemaking into high gear.

At the morgue at Shifa Hospital in Gaza City, Mahmoud Zahar held his lifeless son's bloodied head in his hands and closed his eyes, then kissed him three times on the forehead and recited verses from the Muslim holy book, the Quran.

Zahar's eldest son was killed in a botched Israeli assassination attempt against the Hamas leader in 2003. Israeli Deputy Defense Minister Matan Vilnai told Army Radio that Hussam Zahar, who is survived by a brother and four sisters, wasn't targeted by Israeli forces.

Mahmoud Zahar is widely viewed as the mastermind of Hamas' violent takeover of Gaza, in which the Islamic group's vastly outnumbered fighters routed rival Fatah forces.


The leader of murderers has had yet another son killed - a son who was also a murderer. May Zahar see the rest of his family dead before he is allowed to join them, if he refuses to renounce violence and join the civil world.
By Thomas_Crowne: posted on 16-1-2008

What is not suprising about this is that earler that day Hamas had attacked Israel, yet the news just tut tutted about nasty old Israel killing the palastinians.

However 20 killed and 40 injured is a pretty massive attack.
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The son of Hamas’ Gaza bureau chief Mahmoud a-Zahar was one of 20 armed Palestinians killed in IDF counter-terror operations in Zeitun and Sejaiya, Gaza Tuesday, Jan. 15. More than 40 injured. His vehicle was struck from the air in Zeitun.

Israeli forces engaged two Palestinian terrorist cells, including a large number of Fatah-Al Aqsa Brigades members who take their orders from Mahmoud Abbas’ security chiefs. Of late, this faction participates increasingly in the Palestinian Qassam missile campaign and attacks on Israeli forces from Gaza.

On the West Bank, Palestinian Authority officials handed the IDF two explosive devices and an unarmed missile they had rounded up. Mahmoud Abbas denounces Israel’s operation against terrorists in Gaza as a massacre.
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More Hamas missiles volleys Tuesday night raise day’s total fired against Israel to 36. One knocks out Sderot electricity

January 15, 2008, 10:30 PM (GMT+02:00)

Carlos Andres Chavez, 20, a volunteer from Ecuador, was shot in the back by a sniper while working in the potato fields of Israeli Ein Hashlosha kibbutz farm, Tuesday, Jan. 15. In Sderot, four Israelis were injured, including a mother and two small children, and 5 sustained shock from a triple-missile volley.

Hamas bombarded Israeli communities with heavy missile, rocket and heavy machine gun barrages from Gaza during the day: 36 missiles, mostly at Sderot, a Katyusha rocket at southern Ashkelon, heavy machine fire, for the first time in the conflict, at the homes of Kibbutz Alumim and 16 mortar rounds. Property was heavily damaged in several places. The sniper attack presented Israeli farmers working in their fields with a deadly new threat.

Emergency medical services have declared top-level alert in a wide radius of towns and communities within range of the Gaza Strip ready for further escalation.


Here is a pic of the Israeli soldiers returning from the attack.
Israeli soldiers at the Israel-Gaza border return from operations inside the Gaza Strip, background, Tuesday Jan. 15, 2008.

Israeli tanks, bulldozers and helicopters raided the Gaza Strip Tuesday, killing the militant son of a hardline Hamas leader and 10 other Palestinians in one of the bloodiest days of fighting since Hamas took over the coastal territory in June. Palestinian sniper fire across the border killed a volunteer from Ecuador at an Israeli communal farm.

Israeli-soldiers.jpg - 45.48kb
By netchicken: posted on 16-1-2008

Riwka berated me one day while we were connecgted via headsets. We were reading the news, and I mindlessly mumbled something about the Araqb-Palestinians being animals. She quickly corrected me, telling me that they are created in His image just like us.

I agree, they were created in His image. They morphing is their own doing. I will retract the animal comparison, however, and replace that word with this one: Monsters.
Carlos Andres Chavez, 20, a volunteer from Ecuador, was shot in the back by a sniper while working in the potato fields of Israeli Ein Hashlosha kibbutz farm, Tuesday, Jan. 15.

Meanwhile, the idiot-child Bush tries to forced "peace" down the Israelis' throats, and Condi Rice tells the Arabs that they are not expected to accept their old enemy. Uh, excuse me, Doctor Rice? Israel is not an enemy to the Arabs; it is the Arabs who chose to be an enemy of the Jews. Get the facgts straight, Dr. Rice.
By Thomas_Crowne: posted on 16-1-2008

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