\'I saw my daughter drenched in blood\'

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'I saw my daughter drenched in blood'

Ariel Sharon was very generous to the stinking Arab-Palestinians when he took all Jews out of Gaza and tossed the monsters the keys to the place. He gave them full rein in the Strip so that they could more easily attack Israelis.

... Quote:
The father of a 5-year-old girl hurt when a Qassam hit their neighbor's Sderot home Tuesday vowed his family will not return to the city that has been repeatedly hit by rockets and mortar shells.

The girl, Lior Ben-Shimol, was at her neighbor's house playing with their children when the attack occurred. Her father and younger brother were in their adjacent home.

"Suddenly my wife called me, telling me there was a Color Red alert and that she does not know where to take cover," the girl's father, Yaron Ben-Shimol said, referring to the siren informing residents of an incoming rocket attack. "A second later I heard an explosion and saw a Qassam had hit the neighbor's house."

At the moment of impact, the girl had been playing with the neighbors' children aged 3 and 7, one of whom was also hurt.

"I ran to the neighbor's house and saw my daughter come to me drenched in blood," Ben-Shimol recounted. He said his daughter had already been given psychological help to cope with the stress of living under constant attack.

Ben-Shimol's father, Haim, is the chief of the Magen David Adom ambulance service in Sderot.

The father of the other child hurt in the attack, Shlomi Argon, was at work when the attack took place. "They called me telling me my home was hit," he said, his voice full of emotion, while tightly holding his younger son in his hands at the Barzilai Medical Center's emergency room in Ashkelon. The child was covered with smears of blood.

Unlike his neighbor, Argon vowed to stay in Sderot despite the attack.

The monsters want no peace with Israel, they only want war. They want war until they are dead or the Jews are dead.
The world is silent in the face of these continued assaults against Israeli citizens - where is the outrage? Where is the sorry United Nations when it comes to rebuking the monsters? Why is it that the U.N. only sees fault in Israel?

Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen) calls Israel's counter attack of this week that killed a dozen filthy "militants" a "massacre"; where is this alleged moderate when it is time to denounce the targeting of civilians by his own monstrous people?

You never hear of any scary movies coming out of Israel. You know why? They need none - they have the reality of being surrounded by those who wish them dead.

By Thomas_Crowne: posted on 17-1-2008

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