The Dutch are marginalized by Muslims in their own country

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The Dutch are marginalized by Muslims in their own country

This is important. Matter of fact, this is more than important, this should be the Klaxon alarm that wakes everyone from their slumber.

... Quote:
Never a dull moment in our glorious multicultural society! Today the Dutch conservative blog published a furious email from the Rotterdam Labor Party councillor Bouchra Ismaili. I quote:

"Listen well, you crazy freak. We are here to stay! Hahahaha. Drop dead! I am a Dutch Muslim and I will stay that way until I die."

Ismaili contends: "You are the foreigners here!!! With Allah on my side I fear no one. Me and my fellow Muslims are alive! Your species is being consumed by hatred. Let me give you some advice: Convert to Islam and find peace at heart!"

Now what exactly made Ismaili go snap? A certain Jos Parbleu had sent her two quotes from the Turkish-Dutch Okay Pala, the local leader of the radically Islamist organization Hizb ut-Tahrir. During an interview with the newspaper De Telegraaf he had said:

"We reject freedom of speech, because we reject democracy," and "What you need is a heavy bomb attack".

That is just the tip of the iceberg. How would you like to be on the city council and have no clue what is being said because business is being conducted in Turkish? That seems to be the case in Rotterdam City.

I remember several years ago when the Dutch were really showing us, they were leading the way in multiculturalism, lax drugs, porn and sex.
Even back then I figured it was a pretty stupid way to commit cultural suicide, but I didn't know in the 80's what I know now. The cultural void is going to be filled with Salafist Islam. That means that the ethnic Dutch are short years from being dhimmis - as if they aren't really dhimmis today. It also means that Europe is falling.

... Quote:
I must admit that Ismaili is right about one thing: The ethnically Dutch are rapidly becoming foreigners in their own cities. Today, 36 pct of the Rotterdammers are of non-Western origin, i.e. Surinamese, Turkish or - like Ismaili - Moroccan. Under the age of 21, however, this percentage has risen to approximately 53 pct.

Don't tsk-tsk this and think you are safe. I am an American, and I am watching my stupid government allow the Islamic immigrant population be the largest legal group immigrating to this country. This sounds surrealistic. Look over to Rotterdam, see how it isn't working too awefully well!

Read this blog, it is an eye-opener.
By Thomas_Crowne: posted on 17-1-2008

The islamification of Europe is well underway I think its too late for some countries.

36% are non western in Rotterdam! That's 1 in 3.

By netchicken: posted on 17-1-2008

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