Xenophobia in Japan reaches new heights

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Xenophobia in Japan reaches new heights

Throughout Japan signs are appearing that say "Japanese only" meaning non japanese people are forbidden to enter the establishments.

Starting from 1993 in Otaru, Hokkaido, and now running unchecked throughout Japan, signs saying "JAPANESE ONLY" etc have gone up, making an unspoken undercurrent of fear of the outsider into clear, present, and brazen exclusionism--following the best traditions of segregation and apartheid.

I knew the Japanese were xenophobic, but this takes the cake. Can you imagine the reverse situation in an English speaking western nation?

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By netchicken: posted on 21-1-2008

That must be pretty rough on the tourism trade.
They have that right, and I stand by that right, but from places other than Japan. :sp
By Thomas_Crowne: posted on 21-1-2008

Well I think they have an undercurrent of xenophobia as has been historical in japan but with the recent anti-Japanese sentiment due to the Whaling etc, this rise of xenophobia may merely be reactionary.

Japanese law also only recognizes automatic citizenship to those with Japanese blood, a pretty strange concept for me at least.
By IAF: posted on 21-1-2008

From 1640's to 1850's Japan had a policy of exclusion of virtually all foreigners its was called sakoku i think its a bit werid how japan and other countrys see fit to not let outsiders in if i remember rightly a swiss right wing party won 29% of the vote last year, yea confrimed by wikipidia

"During the 2007 Swiss federal election, the right-wing populism Swiss People's Party gained 29% of the seats in parliament, the highest any party has achieved since World War I.[13] The party was accused of increasing racism and xenophobic sentiment by publishing a controversial poster duringits campaign, showing a white sheep kicking a black sheep off the Swiss flag. The poster was condemned by the United Nations.[14] During the campaign the party also proposed a change to the penal code to allow judges to deport foreigners guilty of serious crimes once they have served their sentence. If the criminal is under the age of 18, the proposed law allows the entire criminal's family to be deported as soon as sentence is passed.[15] If thebill passes into law, then it will be the first such law in Europe since the Sippenhaft law by the Nazis.[16] The European Commission against Racism and Intolerance (ECRI) had already reported in 2003 on certain xenophobic incidents in Switzerland, ranging from police discrimination and misbehaviour towards members of certain minority groups, to an intolerant climate within society toward certain groups, particularly Africans and asylum seekers"

i dont see the point in being racist tbh we are all the same on the inside
By $illy$teve: posted on 22-1-2008

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