The Navy P-3 Orion planes that don\'t exist

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The Navy P-3 Orion planes that don't exist

A plane with no ID and a Side Looking Airborne Radar underneath, Just what you need to see through the clouds.

From the link ...
... Quote:
Love Field's mystery reg number or decals...rumored mission is drug interdiction along the Texas/Mexico border, but who knows?

I've been able to ask numerous officials at DAL about this aircraft and I get the same answer every time, "That aircraft doesn't exist".

This photo says otherwise, but the government is doing a great job in suppressing info about its mission. Note the SLAR under the fuselage.

no-plane.jpg - 44.39kb
By netchicken: posted on 22-1-2008

hmmm its quite weird tbh i think it is most definatly for anti drugs or some kind of advanced warfare a bit like the aircraft with a big disck on top (can never remember its name) hopefully we will see alot more of this in the press
By $illy$teve: posted on 22-1-2008

If they don't want the plane to be traced, then it might not work.

All people have to say is "hey look at that Orion without any tail marking".

Then look around to see where the plane without the marking actually is.

As someone here said: Its like driving a getaway car cross country with no licence plates.

Here is another article on the plane,


... Quote:
New to the not-quite-secret file is the Raytheon-Boeing Littoral Surveillance Radar System (LSRS), a wide-aperture active electronically scanned array (AESA) surveillance radar that is now operational on P-3 Orions flown by VP-46 out of Whidbey Island. LSRS has been used in exercises in the Pacific and operationally in Southwest Asia.

It's been mentioned in Jane's and a number of spotter sites, notably the Netherlands-based P-3 Orion Research Group which estimates that at least five aircraft have been modified.

From come the following information
... Quote:
The best pictures we ever saw of one of those aircraft were taken in August 2006, when the crew of such a P-3C declared an in-flight emergency and diverted to Davis Monthan AFB.

Several photographers were present there when the aircraft landed with a heavily damaged nose radome, most likely caused by a lightning strike.

orion-lightening-strike.jpg - 12.3kb
By netchicken: posted on 23-1-2008

A facinating site has this to say about the unmarked Orions.

More on the site including pics ....

... Quote:
NAWC-23 at Dallas Love Field

There is another sneaky unit for which no official name is known, which operated at least three different heavily modified Orions since at least 1978.

In official documents the Orions operated by that unit are assigned to NASC-FS, which is an abbreviation meaning: Naval Air Systems Command-Flight Support Detachment. The unit has also been given the generic name NAWC-23, which refers to a special projects facility that utilizes specialized Orions, which are located in Dallas, Texas.

In 2001 the name “Project Gayfeather” was associated with this unit, but no other source has confirmed this sofar. Gayfeather is the name of a flower which has a much similar shape as some canoe shaped pods seen below the fuselage of some P-3 Orions. These pods also are very much alike the SLAR pods seen under the E-8 J-Star of the USAF.
By netchicken: posted on 23-1-2008

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