Top U.S. Spies Go To Pakistan

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Top U.S. Spies Go To Pakistan

CIA Director Michael Hayden and Mike McConnell, director of national intelligence went to Pakistan 0n 09 January, 2008, to seek permission from President Musharraf to allow U.S. forces to search the mountains for al Qaeda.
Musharraf, an alleged U.S. ally in the so-called "War on Terror" who receives millions of dollars each year for being an alleged ally, again refused to allow any U.S. soldiers access to the mountainous and harsh tribal areas where al Qaeda hides and thrives and where it is suspected the Osama bin Laden hides.
... Quote:
"If they come without our permission, that's against the sovereignty of Pakistan," he said. "I challenge anybody coming into our mountains. They would regret that day."

While the U.S., who gives money to Pakistan for reasons that are unclear to most considering the lack of real cooperation provided by Musharraf, is told it would regret the day it invaded Pakistan, al Qaeda and presumably bin LAden himself enjoys sanctuary there.
Pakistan noncooperative with U.S.
By Thomas_Crowne: posted on 28-1-2008

When ever America has gone against what we know to be morally correct, we have always had the problem come bite us in the backside. Again with Pakistan we know they are "not" our friends but we still court them. I think Washington has a fetish for dancing with the devil.
By IAF: posted on 28-1-2008

It could have been so easily avoided this time.
I understand the Cold War pacts with numerous devils, but all we had to do this time was to NOT invade Iraq but concentrate on the Afghanistan/Pakistan region.

I know, hindsight and what-not....
By Thomas_Crowne: posted on 28-1-2008

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