In a war of America vrs China over Taiwan, China wins....

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In a war of America vrs China over Taiwan, China wins....

This is a great read, how would America reply to a Chinese attack on Taiwan? With its military being spread so thin around the world, maybe the response wouldn't be militaristic but economic. Stop Chinese trade with the US.

In a hypothetical future scenario, the U.S. and China are poised to clash — likely over Taiwan.

The democratic Republic of China, commonly called Taiwan — which America backs and the communist People’s Republic of China considers part of its territory — frequently irritates Chinese leaders with calls for greater independence from the mainland.

But while the American military mulls its options, Chinese missiles hit runways, fuel lines, barracks and supply depots at U.S. Air Force bases in Japan and South Korea. Long-range warheads destroy American satellites, crippling Air Force surveillance and communication networks. A nuclear fireball erupts high above the Pacific Ocean, ionizing the atmosphere and scrambling radars and radio feeds.

This is China’s anti-U.S. sucker punch strategy.

It’s designed to strike America’s military suddenly, stunning and stalling the Air Force more than any other service. In a script written by Chinese military officers and defense analysts, a bruised U.S. military, beholden to a sheepish American public, puts up a small fight before slinking off to avoid full-on war.

This strategic outlook isn’t hidden in secret Chinese documents. It’s printed in China’s military journals and textbooks. And for much of last year, Mandarin literates and defense experts — working for the Santa Monica, Calif.-based Rand Corp. on an Air Force contract — combed through a range of Chinese military sources.

They emerged with “Entering the Dragon’s Lair,” a lengthy report on how the Chinese People’s Liberation Army would likely confront the U.S. military and how the Air Force in particular can brace itself. In many cases, the theoretical enemy nation China’s officers discuss in these scenarios isn’t explicitly named but is unmistakably the U.S.

“These aren’t war plans,” said report co-author Roger Cliff, a former Defense Department strategist and China military specialist who spoke to Air Force Times from Taiwan. “This is the military talking to itself. It’s not designed for foreigners or even China’s general public to read.”
Element of surprise

When it comes to conflict with the U.S., Chinese military analysts favor age-old schoolyard wisdom: Throw the first punch and hit hard.

“Future conflicts are likely to be short, intense affairs that might consist of a single campaign,” Cliff said. “They’re thinking about ways to get the drop on us. Most of our force is not forward-deployed.”

China’s experts concede its army would lose a head-on fight, with one senior colonel comparing such a scenario to “throwing an egg against a rock.” Instead, the Chinese would attempt what Rand calls an “anti-access” strategy: slowing the deployment of U.S. forces to the Pacific theater, damaging operations within the region and forcing the U.S. to fight from a distance.

“Taking the enemy by surprise,” one Chinese military expert wrote, “would catch it unprepared and cause confusion within and huge psychological pressure on the enemy and help [China] win relatively large victories at relatively small costs.” Another military volume suggests feigning a large-scale military training exercise to conceal the attack’s buildup.

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By netchicken: posted on 30-1-2008

This is very similar to the "white papers" written by the Chi-Com military back in the late 90's. The only thing missing is the stated drive to pursue ICBM technology and the associated nuclear technology so that China could make it clear to Washington that any attempts to retaliate for China's nuking of Armerican assets in the region and the taking of Taiwan would result in a nuclear attack against the U.S. mainland.

I don't see how we could boycott China now. Most Americans aren't willing to go without 98 percent of everything we see in the stores, nowadays. When a nation can't cut a piece of wood in some sort of ornamental shape, call it a "cutting board" and sell it in their own stores, that nation is totally reliant and doomed to fail. Thanks to "Free Trade, we are doomed.
By Thomas_Crowne: posted on 30-1-2008

Actually TC it works both ways. With all the carp we buy they make a killing. Nobody else in the world consumes as much crap as we do and if we stop, they loose big time because nobody will take their crap.

As for the navytimes article I think that is PRC propaganda to make themselves more intimidating than they really are. I mean these "chance" disclosures are all too convienient dont you think ? More over any general worth the cloth on his back will know that the plan the Chinese propose is something that even the US military would be hard pressed to pull off. Hitting all US bases in Korea, Japan and in the neighborhood in a blitz is no easy task to say the least. Not in the 21st century anyway. It might have been possible for the Japanese to hit pear harbor way back in the day with great effort and luck but the Chinese plan is just loopy. Even if the USAF tried to do something like that to other bases like the kind and the number the US has in Korea and Japan it would be very difficult, even with stealth technology.

The Navytimes is using this to as counter to bring out the boogey man about a chinese "plan" to attack.
By IAF: posted on 1-2-2008

As I said, this is not new. The PRC has been working feverishly to get to the point where they can challenge us. Today is well beyond the preparedness point they were shooting for. Their ability is better than what they said they were shooting for back in 1999.

I don't know what makes you think that the Chinese can't pull this off, IAF, but they can, depending upon whether the nuclear and delivery system technology given to them by Clinton has enabled them a chance at striking targets on the U.S. mainland. But if their medium range capability is on par with their ability to destroy space objects, you'd better bet your 401(k) they can do it.

As far as them being hurt by losing us as a customer, you seem to be forgetting something; they don't value life like we do, and they have the patience to rebuild after they achieve their goals. Remember, the ruling party is not ruled by the people.
By Thomas_Crowne: posted on 1-2-2008

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