Five things that the LOST writers need to answer

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Five things that the LOST writers need to answer

Its that time of the year again, LOST has returned. What has to be one of the greatest TV shows of its time LOST returns for season 4.

It appears that Lost mysteries come in three flavors:

Mysteries that are never solved.

Mysteries that are solved and sort of make sense.

Mysteries that are solved and the solution is retarded.
However just when will the writers tie up the loose ends from the last 3 seasons?

#5. What's the deal with Walt?

#4. What's the deal with those first survivors who were kidnapped, and what do the Others want with them?

#3. What's the deal with Libby?

#2. What's the deal with the four-toed statue?

#1. What's the deal with the numbers?

Cracked have some good ideas and analysis of LOST

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By netchicken: posted on 31-1-2008

Here are the answers:

Super question: The people are an experiment to test time travel. The plane crashed because they pilots activated a time-travely thingy. They are in the past...way in the past.

5: He's experiencing brain changes from the crash and time travel.

4: Those guys were taken so new characters could be put in and explored. The Others are actually some ancient race and are capturing them BECAUSE they have five toes. It's an ancient thing.

3: She's actually a government official on the "inside"

2: The 4-toed statue is there because the original Others had 4 toes. There was no rest of the statue, it was only a foot & 4 toes to show the original's difference.

1: The numbers are everywhere because the scientist/government traveled back before the plane crashed and put them there to mess with the survivors and put in something for the viewers to think about.

Oh, yes, and the reason they sent in a plane to crash was to see if it would be there a couple thousand years ahead.

And no, I have never watched a single episode of Lost. Sue me. :tu
By dnavarre: posted on 4-2-2008

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