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OFCOURSE NASSER WAS TOTAL IDIOT ON 1948 but this is not our topic at all you are bringing it up !!!!!!!! ofcourse he was the only egyptian dectator example cuz egyptian leaders were so few before it was kingdom !!!! three only see !! nasser dectator , saddat hero of peace (but he is been killed by terrorism as well) now is mubarak !! i am not twisting truth if you want still willing to go over in details but when a good intentions are shown not hostile ones towards egypt or islam or christianity or buddhism or any living creature in this world , JUST LIKE LORD BUDDHA SAID (All that we are is the result of what we have thought. If a man speaks or acts with an evil thought, pain follows him. If a man speaks or acts with a pure thought, happiness follows him, like a shadow that never leaves him.) got it !!!
By alley: posted on 11-2-2008

how come nothing is comparing to holocaust!!! many many people right now dont know exactly how much casualties of holocaust!!!!!!!! i already made my point about it you trying to catch anything and turn the table on me and now you are doubting my intentions towards jews christians WHO ARE YOU TO DOUBT MY INTENTIONS YOU DONT EVEN KNOW ME !!!! AND IF IAM A LIAR THEN WHO IS GUARANTEE U THAT ALL YOU (HEAR) ABOUT PERSECUTION IN EGYPT IS TRUE THOUGH!!?????? please give me a big break your altitude was expected along with your united tates !!! lol !!! hostile planting seeds of hate between my people for unexplained reasons or what ever you trying to do will be against you and you will harvest your seeds!!??? states efforts in dividing egypt are illegal and so cheap ?? and happened before!?? dont worry even though majority in my country are muslims but they love jesus like christians it is essential vital part of one to become muslim at the first place do your honest researches!! again ignorance !!! christians are not being persecuted and it will never happen cause people like me will stand against it till the last drop of their blood defending their christian brothers and sisters and all efforts to divide egypt will be failed but we all as egyptians are not living in peace at all with all corruption in my country we are in great danger any egyptian regardless of her/his religion is not everything about islam and muslims give them a break too!!!not any bad perv examples like shaii iran represents islam??? each time you are making things rotating around hate all you know is hate ??? peace and love , becarful of what you planting??? .....all we need in egypt is electing our president our government and change some stupid laws against one's freedoms we need an act similar for example to one in canada charteract of freedoms and rights that was made 1982 or you telling me iam lying too which was part of my exam to become a citizen?????????!!!!!!!!!!! dont try to make me a bad person even though i was so honest and conversating with you in respect to our different points of view on some issues WE ARE NOT ENEMIES !!! BUT IF YOU DECIDE TO ATTACK ME DONT BLAME ME FOR DEFENDG MY SELF ITS NATURAL !!!!!!!!for me it not very much important for any one to know my religion its none of anyone's business !! i love buddha love jesus love mosus love mohammad love any one who says there is a god there is a creator for this whole universe, who prays for peace and love on earth I BELIEVE IN EVERY ONE who does tht !!!!!!!!!!
By alley: posted on 11-2-2008

I'm sorry, are you still trying to warp aqnd twist the truth?
You refuse to acknowledge the blood on your people's hands while you continuously ignore the continued attempts to wipe Israel off the map, and the fact that the only reason you aren't still trying to do it now is becaue we pay you to be peaceful.
You have started this with continuous lies, Alley, and you started the insults by telling me to be honest for once. You are in no position to accuse me of lying after I have done nothing but catch you in lies. There has been no attempt at having an honest conversation; had I ignored your dishonesty and ignored your insult you would have co0ntinued to play the part of a peaceful little person, pretending to be in Egypt, rather than a propagandist in Canada. Yes, I know also that you lied when you stated that you are in Egypt. You can't keep your lies straight. I can imagine it is hard.
I don't care what your religion is, but I can tell you this; your "love" for Jesus is lip service, and your lies are that of strategic deceit as advised by Muhammad. I'm not concerned with your religion, it is of no importance to me. Just know that I am not ignorant and am able to catch you in your lies, even though it makes you very mad.
By Thomas_Crowne: posted on 11-2-2008

it is not making me mad at all cause simply i am not a liar i dont need even to lie and my love for jesus or mosus or mohammed is beyond questioning ..ALAS my current residency in any country is not true!! actually you did nt ask me where am i right now?? ALAS FOR BOTH OF US TO ENDED UP LIKE THIS .. AND YOU R NOT PAYING US TO STAY PEACEFUL !!! peace is something coming straight from heart YOUR MONEY DOESNT GO TO MY BANK ACCOUNT !!! it goes straight to that corrupted government in egypt right now and poor people in egypt whether they are christians or muslims or what so ever are suffering... ALAS !! my people's hands are so clean of any one's blood NASSER'S HANDS WILL REMAIN THE BLOODY HANDS THAT STRANGLED EVERY PEACEFUL INNOCENT VOICE I AM TOTALLY AGREE ON THIS!!! who am i to twist truth as it is written in history!!! i dont care if you call me liar or what ever talk as much as you want , always there will be enemies for peace although i hope you are not one of them...but all i shall say is (always forgive your enemies nothing annoys them so much) , i didnt know that you want me to confess that my people are punch of killers !!! this is beyond any rational human being to confess about things we never done!! i didnt even ask any one to confess , we all harvest what haters have planted what narrow minded persons from any side have done!! now it is time to plant some good seeds it is time to plant peace and love instead of hate and wars enough is enough!!!! AND MOHAMMED TEACHINGS HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH OUR CONVERSATION SO DONT BRING IT UP EACH TIME FOR NOTHING JUST TO FABRICATE CERTAIN THINGS THAT ISLAM IS TERRORISM WHICH IS NOT AND WE KNOW THT WELL!! if some people are using islam by name to gain their own interests like hamas or muslim brothershood they are the ones who should be wiped any one who supports terrorism and assassination of peace and love should be wiped off the face of earth right away !!!!.... my idea and my only GOAL will be LIVING FREELY IN PEACE AND HARMONY FOR ALL PEOPLE ON EARTH REGRDLESS OF THEIR RELIGION!!! this will remain my point till the day i die and disagreeing on some issues with some one does not mean that i have to hate that one or call him/her names .....
By alley: posted on 11-2-2008

Do I have to go back and explain AGAIN how you twisted and turned along the way? That, Alley, is dishonest. Again, when you KNEW the issue was 67 war and then you claimed the Brits and French attacked Egypt then. Only when I called you on that did you mention 56. Even then, you quoted an article and altered the article to add an entire digit to the number of dead, and while you were talking teenage "OMG!" crap about imagining the thoughts of the battle, you didn't bother to mention that Egypt was the cause of the attack and that it continued afterward, too.

You are correct in that my tax dollars do not go to your pocket, unless you are part of the Egyptian government, but they do go to the Egyptian government as a buyoff, and you know that as well. It is you, though, who continues to make the false assertion that Egypt is "peaceful", and I have proven beyond a doubt and regardless of your excuses, that it is not. One cannot blame Nasser on things that happened before and after him.

A liar is the same thing as a hater, Alley. It is also the same thing as a thief.

Also, recall that it was you who decided to call me dishonest first, and it was you who tried to belittle my knowledge not knowing that you were talking to someone who does know a few things, from ME history to fiber optics. This being the case, do not now act as if you are a peaceful person who need not call people names. You have been enjoying a taste of your own sword, Alley.

By the way, you claim that terror is not supported by the Qur'an? Want me to prove that to be wrong, too? Want me to show you where Muhammad said to not take Christians as friends and to kill Jews? Want me to show you that were are to be killed wherever you find us infidels?
By Thomas_Crowne: posted on 11-2-2008

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