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The rolling bench

Don't you hate sitting on a wet bench, just use the handle to roll the slats over to get some dry ones.

This has wonderful potential for getting drunks off the bench at night. Just sneak up and roll them off. If it was mains powered it could be done automatically every 2 hours or so at night.

After a rainstorm most of us would like to move out of our houses, into the clean air. This is the time when the mood is just right, however, benches do act spoilt sports. None of really want to sit on those wet benches or chairs in the park. Thanks to a group of Korean designers, we do not need to stand through out.

The group of designers includes Yoonha Paick, Jongdeuk Son, Eunbi Cho, Minjung Simn and Sungwoo Park. All of these innovative designers have designed benches that are equipped with slats that can rotate.

So when the bench is wet, all one would have to do is use the crackling to rotate the slats. Now one could sit on the drier side. That’s a simple solution! Perhaps not that simple to think about, or we’d have them installed in all our parks.


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By netchicken: posted on 3-2-2008

Homemade versions of the rolling log on Ninja Warrior if you ask me.
By dnavarre: posted on 9-2-2008

Now there's a point, could you stand on the seat and make it roll with your legs?

Could be a new sport...
By netchicken: posted on 10-2-2008

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