Soldiers say the Stryker vehicle SUCKS!

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Soldiers say the Stryker vehicle SUCKS!

"I wish [the enemy] would just blow mine up so I could be done with it," said Spec. Kyle Handrahan, 22, of Anaheim, Calif., a tanker assigned to Alpha Company, 4/9ís MGS platoon.

"Itís a piece," another MGS platoon member chimed in. "Nothing works on it."

The gripes stem from a litany of problems, including a computer system that constantly locks up, extremely high heat in the crew compartment and a shortage of spare parts. In one case, a key part was held up in customs on its way to Iraq, a problem one Soldier recognizes is a result of a new system being pushed into service before itís ready.

"The concept is good, but they still have a lot of issues to work out on it," said Sgt. 1st Class Nathan Teimeier, Alpha, 4/9ís MGS platoon sergeant and a tanker by trade.

No way! The brass drops the ball yet again? I can't believe it. :sc
By Thomas_Crowne: posted on 6-2-2008

When they were first releasd they had a tendancy to topple over being top heavy, and were easily taken out with RPG's.

Its only since they put the wire framework around the Strykers that they could take them out of their bases safely.

Whats amaziing is that they were not designed to protect against RPG's seems to have been something the designers never considered.

Here is an earlier report about them and their problems

Stryker_With_Slats.jpg - 56.75kb
By netchicken: posted on 6-2-2008

The US army has never had this kind of sustained urban warfare before and doesnt have the material and machines to deal with that. Thats why we should have got the Israelis to lend us a hand with urban warfare. Mines, APG's, RPG's are all de rigeure during the Intifada and they have good equipment especially for those kind of situations.

The Bradley and Stryker vehicles were not for this kind of warfare.
By IAF: posted on 7-2-2008

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