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Muhammad Ali boxing videos

Having just watched Ali about the life of Muhhamed Ali with Will Smith in it i wodnered if the actual video of the match that shot Ali from obscurity to fame was on the net.

It is ... history in the making.

... Quote:
Clay-Liston I was the fight that took Muhammad Ali from boxer/personality to world champion and international sporting figure.

Here in the final rounds, Ali fights to clear his eyes from the stinging "ointment". Dundee literally pushes the challenger out for the fifth round. Liston had a golden opportunity to finally catch Ali, but despite Sonny's brief advantage, he seems ponderous and never gathers momentum.

From this point on, Ali delivers a beating and dominates Liston to the end. --Rotoscope

This is a compilation of Ali's successes, great to watch

By netchicken: posted on 10-2-2008

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