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New Zealand Reporter Proves Airport Security Lax

Talk about guts! A reporter from New Zealand walks aboard a planew with a real knife and a toy gun just to prove that airport security is a joke.
Here is a partial of Jonathan Marshall's report on what he did, and the link to the rest of his story.

JUST 24 hours after two pilots were stabbed in their cockpit over Christchurch, I boarded a plane at our largest airport with a knife and a fake revolver

Nervously arriving at Auckland Airport yesterday for the 10.30am Air New Zealand flight to Napier, I expected to encounter at least some difficulty along the way.

But there were no checks and I was free to walk on with anything I pleased.

Despite carrying the kitchen knife, with a 20cm blade and a toy firearm clearly banned under civil aviation regulations, absolutely no interest was shown in the contents of my hand luggage, despite the presence of state-of-the-art X-ray equipment inside Auckland's domestic terminal.

After checking in and simply presenting my boarding pass at the gate, I stepped on to NZ5751 for the 50-minute journey to Hawke's Bay.

Ironically, on board the almost full AT7 plane which carries up to 64 people a female passenger asked one of two female flight attendants: `You don't have anyone on board with weapons today do you?'

The attendant laughed and replied: "Not that I know of."

Jonathan Marshall's report
By Thomas_Crowne: posted on 11-2-2008

Sigh .... its another media beatup.

Domestic flights on planes with less than 90 passengers are not checked by secutirty, they are like buses, you just get a ticket and get on.

Last week one deranged Somali woman tried to hijack a 7 seater plane to Australia. Article here

The fact she tried to demand such a small plane go to Australia shows the level of her delusion. Its impossible.

So suddenly these little flights, that have never had any other trouble are the subject of a media beatup.

Its insane, hopefully this nonsence will blow over and we can get back to normal. Havingi to go through security every time you want to take a short flight is impractical and unnecessary.

The media are just stooping to its usual low level of journalism that confuses news with sensationalism.
By netchicken: posted on 11-2-2008

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