Saudi police clamp down on Un Islamic Valentines day

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Saudi police clamp down on Un Islamic Valentines day

You can't have people just giving flowers to each other, that must be against the Koran somewhere?

Such decadent western attitudes and festivals must be stamped out immediatly.

Religious police in Saudi Arabia are banning the sale of Valentine's Day gifts including red roses, a local newspaper has reported.

The Saudi Gazette quoted shop workers as saying that officials had warned them to remove all red items including flowers and wrapping paper.

Saudi authorities consider Valentine's Day, along with a host of other annual celebrations, as un-Islamic.

In addition to the prohibition on celebrating non-Islamic festivals, the authorities consider Valentine's Day as encouraging relations between men and women outside wedlock - punishable by law in the conservative kingdom.

The Saudi Gazette reported that some people placed orders with florists days or weeks before Valentine's Day in anticipation of the ban, which is a regular occurrence.

"Sometimes we deliver the bouquets in the middle of the night or early morning, to avoid suspicion," one florist said.

Others were planning to travel to the more religiously liberal neighbouring countries, Bahrain or the United Arab Emirates, to celebrate.

Saudi Arabian authorities impose a strict Islamic code that prevents men and women from mixing.
By netchicken: posted on 12-2-2008

Yeah, Kuwait is in the news for making a stand against Valentine's Day, too.

It kind of makes sense, since the sexes aren't to mingle and the marriages are arranged.

I don't know about arranged marriages, but I sure could have used an intervention so I would not have made the two mistakes that I made.

I dunno, maybe they have a point on this one.
By Thomas_Crowne: posted on 12-2-2008

Al Qaeda in Yemen seems to be a bit sensitive about Valentine's Day, too. You know, I think that if they would simply bathe more, maybe introduce themselves to some deoderant, even think about trying some toothpaste, they could get girl friends other than their usual ones. Camels can't be that good of kissers!

Sanaa, 11 Feb. (AKI) - A Yemeni al-Qaeda cell has threatened Syrian- Bahraini singer Asala Nasri with death if she performs in the Yemeni city of Aden on 14 February for Valentines Day, reported Arab TV network, al-Arabiya.

"Your fate will the same as former Pakistani prime minister Benazir Bhutto", said the message.

"We ask all Yemenis to oppose the concert and we confirm that al-Qaeda will not allow it [the concert] to go through."

The statement referred only to the 38-year-old Syrian singer, but not to his singing partner, the Egyptian Isam Karika, who was slated to sing with her on stage.

"We will not allow the corruption of our society. This is how we will save our youth from these depravations, which are contrary to Islam" said the message.
al Qaeda in Yemen has no Valentine's love
By Thomas_Crowne: posted on 13-2-2008

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