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Eartha Kitt other song

A month or so ago someone had the words to Eartha Kitt song "santa baby"

I was going to add, but could not log on "this web site kept saying I had fallen off Internet"

But a year later Eartha Kitt came out another song called "this year's santa baby" saying santa you were a real sweaty last year, but the car you gave me will not start could you give me a private plane. The yacht you gave me sprang a leak how about if you got the Queen Elizabeth
By eric: posted on 15-2-2008

Its a pity you couldnt log in OK. I wonder what went wrong...

Heres the original song :)

You are right about the second version, it seems that quite a few people are looking for it on the net :)

By netchicken: posted on 15-2-2008

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