Another Christian/Western Target Attacked in Gaza

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Another Christian/Western Target Attacked in Gaza

By Julie Stahl Jerusalem Bureau Chief
February 15, 2008

Jerusalem ( - At least ten armed men blew up a YMCA library in the Gaza Strip, destroying thousands of books early Friday. This appears to be the latest attack by Muslim fundamentalists against either Christian or Western targets.

An estimated 10,000 books, some of them very old, were destroyed when an explosive device was placed in the Young Men Christian Association's library in Gaza City before dawn on Friday, said Isa Saba, director of the YMCA there.

The Palestinian news agency Maan said that more than 10 armed men had broken into the library after midnight, overpowered the guards and abducted them. The gunmen then returned to blow up the library, the report said.

Over the last few years, a number of Christian and Western interest have been attacked in Gaza, including the local Bible Society, a church and Internet cafes.
Book burning, Arab-Palestinian style

Tolerance is not a strong suit for the Islamists, it seems. Then again, neither is being self-supporting. While they sit in Gaza, waiting for the world to do for them so that they may attack Israel, they blow up and burn civilized portions of their own community.
By Thomas_Crowne: posted on 18-2-2008

I don't think any other religions are going to get out of this intact. Welcome to the true heart of Islam, its scorched earth policy of social integration.
By netchicken: posted on 18-2-2008

The problem with Islam is usually when they are in a position of power of any relevance. As long as they dont reach that level they do generally behave themselves.

In Islamic countries you will find even the most pious and genial Muslim you know turn out to be a belligerent and intolerant because they speak from authority. But on the other hand, when they are not in their "Islamic comfort zones" they suddenly become all submissive and genial. I especially found this in Israel when you meet with the Arabs there when are in and out of the West Bank.
By IAF: posted on 18-2-2008

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