22 North Koreans executed after returned home

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22 North Koreans executed after returned home

22 north Koreans in boats were returned to North Korea after being found in South Korean waters. Its believed they were executed by the North Korean authorities upon their return.

Did the West invade the wrong country? North Korea seems to be the biggest rogue state out there.

There are fears 22 North Koreans may have been executed after they were returned home having been picked up in boats in waters belonging to South Korea, a news report said on Sunday.

South Korea's Yonhap news agency quoted an unidentified intelligence source in Seoul saying that there has been a widespread rumour in the area where the 22 came from that all were shot dead early last week by the hard-line communist state.

They had been sent back home by South Korea on February 8 after being found drifting in two rubber dinghies in the South's waters nine days earlier, the report said.

"Residents in South Hwanghae are in shock as all the 22 people, instead of being sent to prison, were shot to death," a source from South Korea's National Intelligence Service (NIS) was quoted as telling Yonhap.

"They believe the 22 people were caught trying to defect to the South," the source said, adding the NIS was trying to confirm the rumour they had been executed.

The 22 -- eight men and 14 women -- were picked up by South Korean authorities in the South's waters, although the group said they had not been attempting to seek asylum and were fishing.

"In the course of interrogation, the 22 said they were swept by currents and they were not defectors. They strongly demanded they must be sent back home," an NIS spokesman said.

The NIS said in a statement it believed the group was not seeking asylum, and instead were at sea to collect clams and oysters -- though without the necessary authorisation of the North Korean maritime agency.

They were apparently hoping to take advantage of lax security during the Lunar New Year break to fish, but instead drifted into the South's waters, the report said.

They were repatriated via an overland route the following day, the NIS added, although what happened to them afterwards remains uncertain.

South Korean intelligence have acknowledged they may have been executed because of their unauthorised fishing, Yonhap said.

However the unusually large number of people on the boats and the fact there were more women than men has led to suspicions they were trying to escape to the South, the report said.

By netchicken: posted on 19-2-2008

"The West" attacked the wrong country? I thought it was Bush who attacked the wrong country! Let';s make up our minds, huh?

Let's let some other nation lead the charge against North Korea, huh? The U.S. has been deemed untrustworthy, only wanting to pilfer the resources of others.
Who wants to step up to the plate?
By Thomas_Crowne: posted on 20-2-2008

Actually, nobody will step up to the plate but everybody is ready to bitch about how the US does things. Moreover the problem with North Korea unlike Iraq is that its not only supported by a despotic madman. The Chinese effectively aid and abet the mad tyrant to the fullest. How do you think those numbskulls could make missiles capable of hitting the US when most of those people dont even have electricity or TV's at homes.
By IAF: posted on 22-2-2008

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