Arab Palestinians riot, attack Jews in Jerusalem

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Arab Palestinians riot, attack Jews in Jerusalem

How much clear does it have to be? Gaza is isolated because of Hamas; Hamas and its fellow terror organizations launch continuous rockets and mortars at Israel. The Arabs of the West Bank are not held accountable for these acts of terror and war, yet they riot and attack Jews in Jerusalem.

The Arab "Palestinians" don't desire peace, they want tyhe destruction of Israel and will continue to agitate until they get what they want.

( A near-lynch by an Arab mob in Jerusalem ended without casualties on Monday, as rioters confronted civilians and soldiers in several locales. Arab students at Israeli universities held pro-Palestinian Authority demonstrations as well. Hundreds of policemen are on high-alert duty in the capital on Tuesday.

Israeli security sources say that the riots are not a spontaneous outpouring of rage over the events in Gaza, as they are often portrayed. Rather, the sources say, the unrest is organized and incited by those elements interested in "heating up" the Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria regions. Those behind the incitement are attempting to spark what some sources say may be a "third Intifada."

Rioting, rock-throwing and firebomb attacks by Arab mobs were reported in several locations in municipal Jerusalem during the day.

In one instance, two municipal workers escaped a lynch mob on Salah A-Din Street, a main road in the eastern part of the capital. On Monday night, they described the event to Mayor Uri Lupolianski.

Inspectors Ephraim Moshe and Chaya Eliyahu said they were driving down the street when they realized the road was blocked by flaming dumpsters. They were forced to stop and their vehicle was then attacked by dozens of Arab men, who hurled rocks through the windows and hit the sides of the car with metal rods. The two managed to escape after driving onto the sidewalk.

Eliyahu said that had they been able to, the Arab attackers "would have lynched us, not just the car."

Israeli National News
By Thomas_Crowne: posted on 7-3-2008

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