Toshiba reveals portable nuclear reactor

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Toshiba reveals portable nuclear reactor

Coming to a home near you? I imagine a portable nuclear reactor these buried under a house in the middle of nowhere, woud be a great form of electricity.

Toshiba Corp. employee Shinichiro Matsuyama explains about the 1/25 scale model of Toshiba's "4-S," super-safe, small and simple, nuclear reactor at the 17th Toshiba Group Environmental Exhibition in Tokyo Thursday, March 6. 2008.

Toshiba has been developing the micro-sized nuclear reactor that is said to be self-sustainable for 30 years without being refueled.

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By netchicken: posted on 7-3-2008

the main problem with nuclear reactors has always been size Vs power output. Most reactors that are easy to operate and dont require excessive reprocessing of fuel are pretty low grade and pretty bulk things.

For a reactor that small, I doubt it would be a permanent solution for all out energy needs for the next 30 years. But the concept of personal power plants is quite and interesting concept if it ever comes to fruition. It would provide more energy security and more efficiency with the absence of all the transmission losses.
By IAF: posted on 7-3-2008

I want one got a link, how much are they, they allowed in the U.S. ????
I wan't answers

FBI shuts down gamer's homemade nuclear reactor
Category: Industry, Posted: 01/10/2008 at 12:01PM CST by Frank Ling, Senior Editor

Nuke GuyFor this week's 'you've got to be kidding me' story, an out of work game designer in Texas wanted to do something useful during his time off--so he decided to build his very own nuclear reactor at home.

The gamer, whose name was withheld by the request of his family, is a computer genius and has been enamored with the science of physics since he was in the eighth grade. He has an intense interest in radiation and nuclear reactions.

However, after he posted details about his hobby, the federal authorities were alerted and decided to make a visit to young Einstein to see what he was up to. The gamer and amateur physicist said, "People do it in universities all the time. It's just not usual that somebody does it outside of a university."

His homebrew reactor doubled the radiation in his home but as it turns out, the police, FBI and officials from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, who made a surprise visit to his house, decided that everything was in order and there was nothing to be alarmed about.

"They're just doing their job. That's their job to come and check on stuff like that. When they left, it had been deemed that, you know, everything was within reason." The authorities confiscated all his equipment at the urging of his parents.

Well, at least they didn't take away his video games.
By TUTUTKAMEN: posted on 9-3-2008

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