Is this wolf picture real or photoshopped?

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Is this wolf picture real or photoshopped?

A big debate at present is over the photo of a wolf stalking a family.

The arguments run betwen it being real, because of the picture exif settings, or photoshopped because of the unnatural eyes and the composition being so 'lucky'.

The version here has been changed by me, being cropped, reduced and lightened, the original being much more darker.

Here is the claimed original picture

This is the original webpage on the image.

The debate rages here and

The person who submitted the photo states
... Quote:
This wolf picture incident has just been crazy! It's spreading around like wildfire!

For sure you can use the pic if you'd like. The story behind it is pretty ridiculous. I was visiting my brother, niece and my niece's mother with my mom in Courtenay, BC. Me, my mom, XXXX and XXXX went for a hike at Seal Bay Park.

This picture was taken at the end of the, XXXX and XXXX were inspecting some really cool butter mushrooms on a mossy log. My mom decided to take a picture, but she's not very good at it, so it came out totally off center (imagine if she was actually good at taking pictures- we never would have even seen it!!!).

We didn't notice anything at the time, and the "wolf" wasn't even noticed until after getting home, and my mom had put the pictures on the computer. She didn't even notice at first, but my other brother was like "what the hell is that??!!". So, yeah.

I don't even know if it is a wolf, but there were no dogs or anything! around. It's just a pretty creepy picture- that's all I know! And it was actually my mom who took the picture (I'm in it- in the gray jacket), so credit for the photo isn't necessary. Well, that's my story!

Consensus seems to be swinging towards it being real.

wolf_full.jpg - 32.36kb
By netchicken: posted on 14-3-2008

I'm not seeing any evidence that the flash was used; no reflection or glare from anything in the foreground, and the flash would be needed to make the wolf's eyes shine.
The terrain looks a bit odd for a wolf, I would think.
That a lone wolf would be walking toward a family is odd, too.
That the photographer would not alert the family upon seeing a wolf sauntering down the trail is a bit strange, and to have missed the wolf walking down the trail seems a bit hard to believe.

I find it hard to swallow.
By Thomas_Crowne: posted on 15-3-2008

wow thats kinda scary i dont see how you didnt notice all you had to to was look up :worm
i would have triped out and it kinda looks like a black baboon till you look at it long enuff :sh it
By DANY7770: posted on 18-3-2008

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