Half of London Clergy Attacked in the Past Twelve Months

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Half of London Clergy Attacked in the Past Twelve Months

A clergyman is in hospital after he was beaten up in his churchyard by three Asian youths, in an incident which police are treating as a "faith-hate" attack.

Canon Michael Ainsworth, 57, asked the gang to keep their noise down but they turned on him, taunting him about his faith and hitting him in the face and body.

He was found slumped in the churchyard of St George-in-the-East in Stepney, east London. Police said the gang made "remarks insulting his occupation" before fleeing.

A parishioner said: "There was blood everywhere. All the church members are in shock. Our canon is such a nice man who has done so much for the parish."

Police are appealing for witnesses to the attack on March 5. No arrests have been made. Mr Ainsworth was initially treated in hospital and given the all-clear, but has since returned for further treatment after feeling unwell.

The canon, a former member of the Church of England's General Synod, moved to the area from Manchester last year. Colleagues said that his appointment was designed to improve the parish, which has a large Bangladeshi Muslim population and high levels of unemployment.

The Rt Rev Stephen Lowe, Bishop of Hulme, who used to work with Mr Ainsworth, said: "I would want to see a condemnation of this cowardly behaviour by senior Muslims in the community and really hope there isn't an over-reaction from the white community."

A survey of London clergy by National Churchwatch, which provides personal safety advice, found that nearly half said they had been attacked in the previous 12 months. The organisation suggested that vicars should consider taking off their dog collars when they are on their own.

The Telegraph

We are going to see more and more of this sort of activity. The larger the Islamic population, the bolder the violence against other religions will be.
By Thomas_Crowne: posted on 16-3-2008

In Ireland there was a time when Catholic clergy were attacked systematically like this. It wasnt too long before the Irish figured out what was going on and responded.

I wonder if the English have it within them to respond to these attacks in a proper manner.

The Islamists only understand the use of uncompromising and overwhelming force. Anything less would fall on deaf ears .
By IAF: posted on 16-3-2008

Doesn't this just show how far down the road to islamification England is when the clergy are told to take off their collars and go incognito, rather than addressing Islamic extremism in the cities.

How far backwards can a society bend before it realizes how shafted they are getting?
By netchicken: posted on 17-3-2008

I think it is societal suicide.
You can't tell me that they are so out of touch with the human condition and the concept of sociology that they have no idea what is happening. Not after over one thousand years of existence.
England is committing suicide.
By Thomas_Crowne: posted on 17-3-2008

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