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The amazing creepy girl

early on in the net existance websites with javascript eyes that followed the mouse cursor were popular and fun.

Welcome the 21 century version of that now.
Why doe she have red eyes?

From http://www.motionportrait.c...

girl.jpg - 9.15kb
By netchicken: posted on 2-4-2008

Creepy ??

I thought she was pretty cute. They must have had an algorithm for the neck, the face and the eyes separately probably one nested into another.
By IAF: posted on 3-4-2008

I think its creepy :)

The mouth is wrong somehow, and when she smiles it looks .. carnivorous ...

The eyes look through a mask of a face.
By netchicken: posted on 3-4-2008

Creepy girl

Nah m8 shes ok just looking downwards at time not creepy at all HEY SHES MY GIRLFRIEND ALRIGHT
By HaloHalo: posted on 4-4-2008

Halo forever!!!!!!
By HaloHalo: posted on 4-4-2008

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